Effective Ways to Cure Circumvallate Placenta

how to cure circumvallate placenta

For women, the news of pregnancy comes with a lot of hope and happiness. But as the months go by, a few of us become aware of the complications that become evident from the various visits to the doctors and the array of tests and ultrasounds that are connected to any pregnancy and then starts the fear for the safety and health of the unborn.

One of the many complications, that some women are faced with during their ectopic pregnancy, is that of the Circumvallate Placenta.

Usually the abnormality of the circumvallate placenta has been found in only about 2% of the pregnancies, and is utterly unrelated to what the pregnant lady does or does not do.It is actually the condition of the under-formed placenta and occurs mainly due to the variations happening during the development of the placenta.

The placenta, in this condition has been found to have slightly elevated margins since the location where it is attached is found to be too small for the entire thing cause the placenta to have loose edges.

This condition is considered serious mostly because once the baby starts developing, due to the abnormality of the placenta, the supply of essential nutrients to the fetus is found to be highly restricted which can in turn hamper the physical and mental growth of the baby and in rare cases be the cause of death as well.

Most women, suffering from this condition, need to go through a cesarean delivery to lower the risk to health of both the mother and child but babies born under this abnormality have been found to have a low birth weight.

If you are suffering from the condition of circumvallate placenta, it is highly suggested that you keep in touch with your doctors at all times, and consult them whenever you feel any kind of discomfort.

In most cases, a C-section has been highly successful, with mothers giving birth to healthy babies but there are certain things that you need to do at home to ensure the safety of the child as well.


For any pregnant lady, diet is the one thing that they would need to maintain at all cost. But with someone having circumvallate placenta, it becomes highly essential that they eat stuff that is not just high in nutrient but also absolutely healthy.

Since in this condition, the fetus is almost starved of vital nutrients, it is necessary that whatever goes through to them is not just heathly but also helps with the growth and development.

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Prenatal vitamins are loaded with everything that a fetus might need during the 9 months in the womb which is why a mother-to-be should consider taking to ensure the correct growth and development of the baby and also make up for any loss of nutrient from the daily diet.

Check Up

A regular check up is a must for pregnant lady but for a circumvallate placenta mother, it is essential to in for ultra sounds and fetus stress test at least one a month to ensure that the placenta is still attached.

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