How to Get Rid of Lipomas at Home

Updated on March 4th, 2020
how to get rid of lipomas

Lipoma; a slow-growing soft mass of adipose cells that are typically found between the layers of the skin and the muscle. This is mostly seen in the regions of the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, and thighs.  This is a benign tumor and is generally soft to the touch, is movable around the body, in most cases is painless and they usually occur under the skin and sometimes a little deeper. Lipomas are generally less than 5 cm in size. If you wonder about how to get rid of lipomas then follow here.

Risk Factors

There are several chances of suffering from a lipoma. In most cases, this is almost non-preventable and being a benign tumor, there are no preventions as well, however, the risk factors tend to be the same for both of them.

Family Factors is one of the main reasons, middle-aged men and women are prone to suffer from this condition and this tends to be mostly due to genetics. In most cases, it has been noticed that they often appear after an injury and even doctors cannot pinpoint if the injury is reason to make them form. 

In some cases, people who suffer from Madelung’s disease could also show lipoma as a symptom. In these cases, they are soft lumps and usually less than 2 inches wide. Other factors could be obesity and lack of exercise. However, they are still several ambiguous claims about these factors. 

Here is how to get rid of lipomas naturally.

CURE 1: Food and Diet

Food and diet could be a management plan for treating your lipoma. Although it doesn’t completely treat your lipoma, however, it does substantially help with pain management, and to a certain extent help with treating your lipoma

1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper
Image: Shutter stock

Cayenne Pepper is an unbelievably effective lipoma(1) removal remedy.

How to use?

  • Add water to the Cayenne pepper to make a thick paste
  • Apply this paste on the lipomas all over the body
  • Leave it for a night
  • Wash off in the morning
  • Repeat the same night after night for relief


Cayenne pepper is one of the most effective ingredients which helps in the reduction of swelling and inflammation in the lipomas and helps in healing the same.


It is advisable not to apply it to open cuts or wounds.

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2. Diet Improvement

Organic foods are the answer, switching to these foods substantially reduces the preservatives and the additives that is found in your food. In turn, this will mean that your liver will be able to focus on toxin removal from your lipoma. 

Increase the number of vegetables and fruits, as these have a high number of antioxidants and this helps in the reduction of fats in the blood. It is recommended that you choose brightly colored fruits and vegetables, as a thumb rule these tend to have the highest level of antioxidants. 

Examples include

  1. Flaxseed oil
  2. Citrus juices 
  3. Blueberries
  4. Raspberries
  5. Apples, Plums, and citrus fruits 
  6. Leafy green vegetables

Fish, shifting to this meat would help the influx of healthy omega-3 fats and quality protein in the body. The omega fats help decrease inflammation and limit the growth of lipomas.

For example; salmon and tuna are some of the best sources you could eat. You could also eat mackerel, herring, and trout as well. 

Red Meats; Limiting these meats such as beef and pork would substantially reduce the chance of having lipoma and also help in accelerating the process of your healing.

However, if you do eat red meat, do make sure that is organic and has no antibiotics/hormones. As an alternative, you could also shift to eating chicken, tofu, and beans, as they also contain high amounts of protein.

Also, note that one has to remember is that red and fatty meats, alcohol, butter, and ice cream are strong no-no’s.

CURE 2: Herbs

Natural oils and herbs are ancient Indian medicine that is used in the discipline of Ayurveda. These are remedies that could prevent and control your lipoma, however, this in no way acts as a substitute for other treatments. This serves as adjuvant therapy and should be used alongside other therapies

1. Chickweed

chickweeds for lipomas
Image: Shutter stock

Chickweed is an herb that is found in natural medicines and is known to treat infections and draw out the excess water from the body. Here is how to get rid lipomas with chickweed.

How to use?

  • You ingest the chickweed in the form of natural medicine on a regular basis
  • You can opt for the application of chickweed powder on the affected areas of the body by making a paste of the same with water and letting it stay overnight


Chickweed helps in treating cardiovascular diseases and reduces the accumulation of fatty tissues in the body which is one of the major causes of lipomas.


Check if you are not allergic to chickweed before its ingestion or application.

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CURE 3: Essential oils

1. Grapefruit Essential Oil

grapefruit oil for lipomas
Image: Shutter stock

Grapefruit(2) is famous for its high vitamin C content. And hence the essential oil extracted from it is also a powerhouse of the same serving as a perfect solution for how to get rid of lipomas with essential oil.

How to use?

Take a few drops of grapefruit essential oil in a carrier oil and mix well to form a blend

  • Apply the blend on the affected areas of the body
  • Let it stay
  • Massage gently
  • Wash off with regular water
  • Repeat the same twice a day


Grapefruit is rich in citrus acids and vitamin C along with a lot of antioxidants. It helps in alleviating the pain and swelling of the lipomas naturally. It clears out the toxins from the body and assists in the clearing of the fatty tissues. You can also use it for neck lipomas.


It is advisable to dilute the essential oil before applying it on the part of your body to make sure that it does not. If it causes stinginess or itching, wash off immediately.

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2. Clove oil

Wondering how to get rid of lipomas with clove oil? Read ahead and find out for yourself.

How to use?

  • Add one tablespoon of clove oil in one tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Mix them well to form a blend
  • Apply the blend of the oils on the affected areas
  • Massage in circular motions for about ten minutes
  • There is no need to wash, and you can allow the mixture to stay for as long as possible
  • Wash off with regular water later if you want
  • Repeat the same twice a day


Massaging clove oil on the affected area of the body enhances the blood circulation of the area which in return reduces the accumulation of fatty tissues in that area.


Check if you are allergic to either of the oils.

CURE 4: Home Remedies

1. Epsom salt

Epsom salt works on reducing the swelling and pain of the affected area as it is anti-inflammatory. 

How to use?

  • Take a bucket of warm water and add one tablespoon of Epsom salt in it
  • Mix the water well
  • Dip the affected area of the body in the bucket or bathtub and continue to stay for about twenty minutes
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Repeat the same each day for useful results


Epsom salt makes the body free from toxins and alleviates the accumulation of fatty tissues on the affected areas which is the primary cause of the occurrence of lipomas.


Check the temperature of the war before submerging in it.

Liposarcomas vs. Lipomas

The fundamental difference between the two is that lipomas are not cancerous whereas the liposarcomas are cancerous tumors. The symptoms in both the conditions vary making liposarcomas more painful than lipomas.

With these above natural remedies and home remedies on how to get rid of lipomas, the condition can be treated effectively without the need of going round and round with your visits to the clinic.

Follow the above given natural remedies for lipomas removal right at your home and continue to live a healthy life. Hope this article was helpful!


1. Can lipomas turn to cancer?

A lipoma is always a benign form of tumor, meaning that it will not turn cancerous.

However, there are rare cases where it could develop into a liposarcoma, hence getting a biopsy, is the need of the hour. 

2. Does apple cider vinegar dissolve lipomas?

Although there isn’t scientific evidence on apple cider vinegar treating a lipoma, there are several personal anecdotes that prove otherwise.

Hence, you could consume a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water to reduce the lump.

3. Do lipomas smell?

Generally, lipomas have no odor, however, sometimes these lumps tend to discharge foul-smelling pus, apart from this, they don’t smell. However, when it does discharge it is recommended that you go to the doctor immediately.

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