Don’t Panic about Coronavirus: Here’s why

Updated on April 8th, 2020

One thing that is equally dangerous to COVID-19’s spread and fatality is the panic. People are spreading misinformation, overestimating the consequences, and many other things are railing down in society. Yes, COVID-19 is vicious, which is disrupting everyday life, economy, and posing a massive burden on the government and healthcare departments. But, it is not that threatening that it could end the world. It is dangerous, but with necessary precautionary measures and following the protocols, we all could contain and mitigate its effects on the current and future society. 

It is impossible to wipe out COVID-19 or any other infections immediately. However, there is a lot of testing and research going on currently. The diagnostic approaches and actions from healthcare departments and governments are showing an optimistic view.
Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t panic about COVID-19:

1. We Have Clearly Identified the Virus:

In general, it takes years for scientists to identify and give substantial information on the pathogen that is causing the infection. But, with COVID-19, the scientists were able to find the virus. Scientists discovered the virus on January 7. Within a few days, the genome was made available to medical experts and researchers for further study and to develop effective ways to fight it. 

The researchers have been able to discover that COVID-19 belongs to the same family as SARS ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The researchers were able to find that although the virus lives by mutating, the mutating rate of COVID-19 may not be really high. Understanding all these properties of the virus can help researches in developing better diagnostics and also more effective medication. 

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2. China is Controlling the Spread and Fatality

China is the first country to get infected and has the highest number of infections. As of March 22, China had around 81,000 plus infections with only four new cases. Out of the 81,000+ infected people, 72,400 are entirely recovered. It is because they have taken more preventive measures and strict protocols and quarantine, which help them control the situation to a large extent.

Countries around the world are also advancing their protocols and approaches to help patients recover and also control the spread. 

3. It is not Severe for Every Human

Currently, around the globe, there around 200,000 active cases of COVID-19. Of that, 95% of cases are mild, and only 5% of the patients are in critical condition. Even for those in dangerous situations, the healthcare experts and governments are doing their best to mitigate the symptoms and bring their conditions back to mild or normal. 

4. Youth and Children are Not that Affected

As per the current statistics and evidence, children or youth do not appear to have any significant complications with COVID-19 (2). Some experts say that children and youth have stronger immunity than older or adults, and that is the reason we see a low fatality rate in them. 

Note: It doesn’t mean that children can’t be affected or killed by COVID-19. Everyone, including older people, adults, youth, and kids, should follow all the necessary precautionary measures and protocols. 

5. Precautionary Measures can Seriously Control the Spread

One thing that all the governments, health experts, and organizations are advising is to take the necessary preventive measures. As the say goings prevention is better than cure, it is time we all adhere to it. Since there are no approved vaccines and the treatments involved, control the symptoms, and mitigate the condition which is known to help patients recover. However, patients who recover can also get infected again. Hence, it is highly advised to follow the protocols and take the necessary measures and avoid the risk of getting infected. 

Make sure to cover your face when going out, always sanitize your hands, and maintain social distancing. Other than that, disinfect your home at regular intervals. 

6. Advancements in Clinical Trials 

According to Nature (3), as of February 15, 80 clinical trials are underway in China alone. WHO is also working with some groups to enhance the effectiveness of the trials and bring more robust solutions to treat COVID-19. Besides, 20+ companies around the globe are also in the race for developing vaccines. Few of them also have begun clinical trials and which is showing a more optimistic view on fighting the disease.

Best Ways to Control your Panic or Anxiety:

In situations like these, panic or anxiety attacks can be normal. However, managing them can be more beneficial to your current and future health. Below listed are a few things to help you manage it: 

Learn the facts:

When under panic or anxiety attack, you may ignore the source and just read anything that you find online or receive from your friends. Try to make a habit of filtering the information and prefer credible sources such as WHO, CDC, and official government websites. If you want to check the stats, then worldometer is another best source to get live stats from around the globe. 

Take a broader picture:

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic is threatening the world, and it is getting on our nerves. But, is it going to end the world? No!

We as a world have faced a lot of situations in the past and have overcome them by working together. Similarly, we can work together and get the COVID-19 under control. Besides, after recovering from it, governments and healthcare organizations around the globe will be future-ready with resources to tackle any such situations. 

Here are a few other tips that can help you manage your life better during the quarantine of coronavirus 

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Don’t blame yourself or others if you are panicking or having anxiety attacks in this situation. It is normal, and a situation like this can be overwhelming. But, it is not the end of the world, nor is this going to go forever. Just know that we are all going to be fine and healthy and experience greater freedom in no time. 

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