Why Is Creatine for Weight Loss Considered Effective?

Updated on April 24th, 2020
Creatine for Weight Loss

Over the years, creatine has gained an elevated level of acceptance in the sports circle. Creatine is known for its safety and effectiveness. Also, known as a sports supplement, athletes and people who are associated with sports use it to enhance their muscle mass.

Creatine is being used as an energy booster by athletes for a long time. From weight lifters to athletes, creatine has been a friendly supplement for all kinds of athletes. Its effectiveness in energizing the cells has shifted the emphasis on its role in reducing body weight.

One of the reasons for the increased focus is due to its ability to treat chronic diseases and medical conditions. Recently, researchers have stepped up their efforts in identifying the usefulness of the supplement for weight loss. How effective is creatine good for weight loss? Read on to know the answer to this pertinent question.

Creatine for Weight Loss


Creatine(1) has been famous as a performance booster since the 1970s. Owing to rigorous research by researchers, its effects and how it helps muscles gain strength have only come to light.

Studies have revealed that creatine does not help build muscle strength directly. Instead, it makes its contribution to the process. In youngsters as well as adults, creatine improves both upper and lower body strength.

Creatine supplements boost the phosphocreatine stores of muscles, which help the latter to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). During intense workout sessions and heavy exercises, cells use this molecule to generate energy.

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How Well Would One Perform in a Workout Session or While Doing Muscle Building Exercises?

Well, it solely depends on the rate of the synthesis of ATP(2). Generally, people begin on a high note at the initial stage. But find it hard to sustain the same level of performance at the subsequent stages due to the depleting ATP reserves. This is where creatine can make a difference by providing additional ATP energy.

Regular exercise has been the usual method for losing body weight for ages. For those who are not used to doing work out sessions for longer periods, it can be challenging to spend quality time doing exercises or at a gym. Creatine can boost strength to elevate the stamina in such individuals to perform the workout for a longer duration.

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Spending a little longer in the gym translates into using more calories, which brings down the body weight. This is how one can lose one’s body weight using creatine fat burner.

There are other functions which creatine performs in the body. And one of them is improving the sleep pattern of those who take it. Sleeping is not only crucial for the performance of the brain but also shares a relationship with weight loss.

However, creatine is also known to increase the mass of the body in the beginning. This may surprise those who plan to use a creatine supplement as a preferred option to shed a few pounds. The reason for the increase in the overall body mass after the intake of creatine supplement is given below.

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Why Does One Gain Weight Initially After Taking Creatine?

Creatine tends retaining water in the muscle cells in the beginning. This is because creatine seeks to improve body mass. The process can continue for a week. But this generally depends on the response of body cells to creatine. On average, one is likely to gain between one to three kilograms of weight due to the retention of water in the muscles.

However, this is a natural phenomenon and is taken care of at later stages.

There’s no doubt that creatine improves muscle strength. There is no denying that Creatine supplements are safe to use. But they are also available over-the-counter. It helps increase the muscle strength to elevate the stamina of an individual.


1. Why Does the Intake of Creatine Increase Body Mass Instead of Decreasing It at the Early Stages?

Weight gain is one of the natural responses of the body to the intake of creatine supplement. This happens as the muscles retain water.

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