What Are the Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil?

blue tansy essential oil

In recent years, blue tansy oil has received positivity across the world. Wondering how any oil can be useful for protecting your skin? Blue Tansy oil has become a popular ingredient among the wide variety of products ranging from top acne creams to great anti-aging solutions.

Blue tansy has grown a renowned essential oil. It has high healing properties along with calming effects. However, blue tansy essential oil is quite expensive to buy.

How Is Blue Tansy Essential Oil Prepared?

At first, the above-ground flowers and the stems of the blue tansy oil are gathered properly and then steam-distilled. In the process of distillation, one of the chemical components of blue tansy oil, that is, chamazulene gets released. When it is heated, chamazulene turns into a deep blue color which gives the oil indigo-to-cerulean hue.

Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

1. Calming effects

Blue tansy essential oil benefits include the healing of irritated skin. However, in research, it has found that the oil can be best used with water totreat the skin for burns. Generally, the burns developed from the radiation treatments for cancer can get treated with blue tansy oil.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Blue tansy oil contains a primary component, that is, sabinene(1), which is an active anti-inflammatory agent. Along with it, blue tansy contains camphor, which helps in reducing the inflammation in the body.

3. Skin healing effects

The presence of high camphor concentration in the blue tansy oil helps in repairing the damaged skin. Even camphor is well-known to be the anti-wrinkle agent, which makes it efficient to use blue tansy oil.

4. Antihistamine properties

Blue tansy essential oil gets used as an antihistamine for reducing nasal congestion(2). It is beneficial to use the few drops of blue tansy in a hot water bowl to create an efficient infused steam.

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How to Use of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

1. In a cream

At first for getting the blue tansy essential oil uses, it is necessary to dilute the blue tansy oil before touching it with the skin. You can place 1-2 drops of blue tansy essential oil in the cleanser, moisturizer, or body lotion. It helps in enhancing the skin-healing effects of the products.

2. In a diffuser


The herbal scent of the blue tansy oil is relaxing. If you want to enjoy the fragrance of blue tansy in your home, then you can place the few drops of essential oil in a diffuser. However, it is beneficial to avoid the use of blue tansy oil in public places or work.

3. In a spritzer

To use as an anti-inflammatory aid by making a spritzer, you can add blue tansy oil to a spray bottle that contains 4 ounces of water. Before spritzing it, shake the bottle for mixing the oil and water efficiently.

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Blue Tansy Essential Oil Recipes

Some of the efficient blue tansy essential oil recipes include:

1. Immense calm inhaler

  • Add five drops of blue tansy oil,
  • 5 drops of geranium
  • 5 drops of petitgrain.

2. Exhaustion relief massage oil

  • Add 3 drops of blue tansy oil
  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of pine in a bottle
  • Mix it and then fill the rest of the bottle with trauma oil

3. Blue dreams bath salt

  • Mix 3 drops of blue tansy oil
  • 2 drops of cedarwood
  • 1 drop of ylang-ylang
  • 1 tbsp of fractionating coconut oil
  • half cup of pink Himalayan salt
  • Pour mixture into the bathtub and swirl the water

4. Protective blend diffuser blend

  • Add four drops of ginger
  • 3 drops of frankincense
  • 2 drops of cinnamon bark
  • 1 drop of blue tansy oil
  • Then add water to prepare it efficiently

5. Sore muscle massage blend

Body Massage
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  • Add 7 drops of blue tansy oil
  • 6 drops of copaiba
  • 4 drops of frankincense
  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 2 oz jojoba oil into the glass lotion pump bottle.

Side Effects

  • The common essential tansy oil contains high concentrations of a toxic enzyme, thujone. It is not efficient to use common oil for aromatherapy purposes. Some researchers have found blue tansy essential oil to be the symptoms of asthma.
  • Because of the risk of bronchospasm and breathlessness, the doctors recommend avoiding the use of blue tansy essential oil substitute diffusers and inhalers.

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It is not possible to apply blue tansy oil on your skin without diluting it. When you are going to buy blue tansy essential oil, ensure that you are not choosing the oil from the common tansy. The essential oil has the top antihistamine and skin calming properties.


1. What is blue tansy essential oil used for?

Blue Tansy oil has great healing properties which makes it suitable for using as anti-aging solutions.

2. Is blue tansy oil good for skin?

The presence of the anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties makes blue tansy essential oil beneficial for the skin.

3. Is blue tansy essential oil safe?

Though, it is safe to use the blue tansy essential oil, which is mainly avoided by the asthma patient or pregnant women. Still, it is better to consult with your healthcare provider before using the essential oil.

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