Cherry Extract To Boost Your Immune System Effectively

Updated on December 11th, 2019
Cherry Extract Benefits.

Cherries are one of the superfoods with significant benefits in today’s modern world. The cherry is a fruit of the genus Prunus. They are native to northern hemispheres with two species in America and three in Europe and rest in Asia. Cherries are not only one of healthiest fruits, but they also rank as one of the most health-protective foods overall.

Studies claim that consuming 20 cherries(1) a day provides 12 – 25 mg of active flavonoid compounds such as anthocyanins which can lower the free-radical damage and inhibit inflammation. Cherry extract is obtained from fresh cherries. Read on to know the extensive range of cherry extract benefits and procure the cherry extract benefits.

Cherry Extract: An overview

Cherry extracts are made from the juicy, red-blue summer berries which grow on Prunus trees. Cherry extracts provide fantastic health benefits such as promoting sleep, preventing cancer, fighting inflammation to avoid gout, promoting weight loss, and its anti-aging properties. The cherry extract is a potent antioxidant called flavonoids that have various therapeutic effects on the body.

The tart cherry extract contains beneficial flavonoid compounds called anthocyanins. The flavonoid found in cherries and cherry extract destroys oxygen compounds called free radicals. The cherry extracts contain various nutrients like minerals including potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Read on to explore the top benefits of cherry extracts now.

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10  Cherry Extract Benefits That You Never Knew Existed

1. Lowers

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Cherries are one of the high anti-inflammatory foods. Free radicals are the primary cause of inflammation and affect the body’s immune system. The anti-inflammatory compounds like anthocyanin have the potential to fight free radicals, hindering the inflammatory pathways. The cherry extracts can be a very effective remedy for those who have arthritis, rheumatism, edema, and other inflammatory conditions.

2. Reduces oxidative stress

As already said the cherry extracts are highly rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Oxidative stress occurs when your body lacks enough antioxidants. The antioxidants present in cherry extracts reduce the oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals can rob the DNA of its electrons called oxidation, thus affecting the body’s defense. Therefore, adding cherry extract to your diet can reduce oxidative stress.

3. Prevents cancer

Carcinogens present in the food, air, and water are harmful substances that damage the body cells, resulting in cancer. The antioxidant compounds like anthocyanins in cherry possess the anticarcinogenic capacity. These compounds are loaded with anti-disease chemicals including ellagic acid, limonene, perillyl alcohol that can be beneficial in halting cell transformation that leads to cancer. Therefore, cherry extracts can be protective against cancers of the skin, liver, lung, and breast.

4. Anti-aging properties

The cherry extracts contain a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B5, and vitamin B3. Drinking cherry juice every day promotes cell growth and protects them against any damage caused due to environmental factors. The antioxidant properties in cherry juice combat the free radicals by supplying the missing electrons and slowing down the aging process. Also, cherry juice is considered as an alternative treatment for skin problems like vulgaris, rosacea, and acne. The antibacterial properties in cherry remove toxins from the blood and fight bacteria in the skin.

5. Promotes sleep

Cherry extracts contain high levels of phytochemicals including melatonin, a molecule that regulates the sleep cycle. Sunlight or artificial light that inhibits the release of melatonin which makes you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Cherry extracts are one of the melatonin supplements that helps you fall asleep. Also, cherry effectively helps to relieve anxiety and stress which will inevitably enhance the quality of sleep you get at night. Similarly, to chamomile, it has some sedative properties that make it easier for you to get to sleep.

6. Promotes heart health

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Cherry extracts are highly rich in polyphenols which are known to improve heart health. The cherry juice contains the most potent antioxidants including quercetin. The Quercetin prevents the oxidative damage caused by free radicals from low-density lipoprotein and encourages the formation of blood platelets. The anthocyanin compounds also act as protective agents against heart disease. The fruit protects against damage to your arterial walls.

7. Cherry extract for Gout Treatment

Accumulation of uric acid in the blood is a significant cause of Gout.  A study published in Rheumatism and arthritis evaluated 600 people with gout, eating cherry extracts for two days. The people associated with cherry treatment have a 35% lower risk of a subsequent gout attack. Those who consumed more cherries had a 50% reduction in risk. Cherry juice contains compounds that relieve gout pain by lowering the levels of uric acid. Adding cherry extracts to your diet can reduce the risk of gout.

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8. Promotes brain health

Oxidative stress causes degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The cherry extracts contain large amounts of antioxidants and other beneficial plant minerals and vitamins that have protective effects on brain cells. Consumption of cherry extracts may help improve brain function and reduce symptoms of mild-to-moderate dementia.

9. Prevents tooth decay

Tooth decay and dental cavities are caused due to lack of oral hygiene. The compounds in cherry extracts block the formation of plaque that often leads to decay and cavities. Cherry contains vitamin C which is an excellent source for healthy gums. Thus, you can add cherry extracts to your diet to reduce the chances of tooth decay.

10. Haircare


The cherry fruit extract is an active ingredient in several medicine supplements and vitamins meant for combating hair loss problems and for strengthening hair. Also, cherries can add volume, presumably by imbuing an electrical charge on hair strands that cause them to repel each other. Applying mixtures and decoctions with cherry extracts to the hair and scalp slow the onset of male pattern baldness and strengthen the follicles of the hair.

Maximized Health Benefits of Cherry Extract

A bowl of fresh cherries can be a fantastic thing when they’re in season. But that’s not the only way to enjoy their nutritional perks. Look for 100% tart cherry juice, frozen cherries, and preservative-free dried cherries.

You can add it to oats or whip frozen cherries and powder into smoothies, sprinkle on to cooked veggies and salads or add chopped dried cherries into melted dark chocolate or nut butter. Drink tart cherry juice to have good sleep and exercise recovery benefits. Adding cherries and cherry extracts can maximize the health benefits of cherry extracts.

How to Consume Cherry Extract?

The cherry extracts are in the forms of liquid or capsules. Most brands of cherry extract capsules contain 1000 mg of the extract that is the amount found in 16 ounces (2 cups) of pure cherry juice or half a pound of cherries.

Here is the usage of cherry extract for inflammation such as arthritis and gout. Have a quick look at how to consume cherry extract.

1. Cherry Extract For arthritis:

You should start with 1000 mg of cherry extract two times a day. The usage can be adjusted according to how well you respond. You can discontinue the cherry extract supplement if you don’t notice any difference after the 3rd month.

2. Cherry Extract For gout:

For an acute attack, you should take 2000 mg three times a day the cherry extracts in capsule form. It is suggested that you take 1,000 mg daily in capsule form.

How Much Cherry Extract Should You Consume?

Here are some directions to use cherry extracts. Follow to obtain 100% cherry extract benefits.

  1. For a change, try alternating cherry fruit extract, canned or fresh cherries, or cherry juice.  The fruit and juice give you extra benefits of fiber in your diet.
  2. Always keep in mind to get the antioxidant and antigout effects, you will need to intake about 16 ounces of juice half a pound of the cherries equal to 1,000 mg capsule of cherry extract.
  3. Preferring blueberry juice rather than cherry is also excellent. It appears that drinking a half a cup of blueberry juice daily provides the same amounts of healthy compounds that cherry juice does for preventing gout.
  4. People prefer pure cherry juice with no added artificial sweeteners from sweet cherries. Beware, however of cherry drinks which usually contain a limited amount of real cherry juice and lots of sugar and water.

The cherry extracts are rich in nutrients, various vitamins, and antioxidants compounds. The cherry extracts offer several impressive health benefits, and it is a simple addition to just about any diet. The cherry extract benefits are wondrously discussed and gives you effective results. The benefits of cherry extract range from preventing tooth decay to promoting brain health. However, don’t consume cherry extracts over the dosage mentioned, as it can cause some side effects. Embrace the goodness of cherry extract and live a healthy life.

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