Knock-Off the Throbbing Pain by Using Acupuncture for Headaches

Updated on December 5th, 2019
Headache - accupunture

Is it the most important day of your life and you are worried about the throbbing pain in your head? It can be very troublesome and recurring as well; hence it is imperative to diagnose the root cause of your headache and opt for selective and beneficial treatment. A perfect solution for your headaches is using the therapy of acupuncture for headaches.

As it is said that it is only an ancient and effective method can give you the right diagnosis and acupuncture is the name that resonates with it. If you are still unsure about seeking this therapy, then do scroll down and read more about acupuncture and how it effectively can cure headaches.

A headache is an issue that affects nearly 80 million people in the US with people spending around 78 billion dollars over the medications in one year.

All about Acupuncture and Headaches

  • Acupuncture therapy is around 5,000 years of age and began in China. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine records 100BC as the time it began being practiced
  • Today, the needles are produced using dispensable tempered steel which makes the therapy safe and painless.
  • The five elements form the basis of acupuncture therapy. For example, the kidney is associated with water and the heart with fire.
  • Acupuncture therapy picked up prevalence in the USA in 1972.
  • Acupuncture was initially used to counteract ailments. Eventually, the World Health Organization (WHO) perceived acupuncture therapy as a successful method to treat more than 15 health problems like headache, back pain, etc.

Does acupuncture actually treat headaches and pain?

treat headaches with acupuncture

What does acupuncture do? Acupuncture therapy for headaches seeks to reestablish the movement of positive vitality and energy all through your body. It aims to expel negative vitality that causes health issues. Acupuncture partitions the body into a progression of zones and weight points. The needles are embedded into the various points, contingent upon the symptoms.

These points are typically close to the nerves in the body. The needles activate the nerves to discharge hormones, for example, endorphins(1), which trigger a reaction from the body. This safe and system circulation stimulation provides relief from headaches and migraines. The administration of acupuncture for tension headaches is incredibly effective.

What are the Acupuncture techniques for different types of headaches?

1. How to get rid of Tension Headaches?

Acupuncture for headaches provides excellent relief from cerebral pain. The excellence of utilizing acupuncture for tension headaches is that it deals with three fronts, tending to both the side effects and the reason:

  • Alleviates the pain naturally

Acupuncture stimulates the body to secrete natural painkillers. By embedding the needles into specific points in the body, the needles trigger a reaction from the sensory system. This reaction from the sensory system drives the brain to discharge a course of enkephalins and endorphins which heal the pain.

  • Relaxes the pain and tension in the muscles

The acupuncture needles flag the cerebrum, through the sensory system, to guide the flow of the bloodstream to the affected zones. With an increase in the flow of blood in the neck and head, Acupuncture for headaches therapy helps to relax the muscular tension in these areas and thereby ease the pain.

  • Lessens pressure and directs the stress response of the body

The regulation of the stress response works upon the root of migraine. Acupuncture therapy is notable for its capacity to control the focal and autonomic sensory system.

As a part of the therapy, acupuncture for tension headaches seems to bring the heart rate under control by the cure of palpitations, thereby lessening the pain of stress. Acupuncture also fortifies the cognitive functioning of the brain. The therapy helps you to deal effectively with stress without burdening the sensory system.

2. How to use acupuncture for cluster headaches?

How to use acupuncture for cluster headaches?

Localized acupuncture for cluster headaches and pain treatment may be more successful than the open, removed point strategy that is ordinarily connected with a headache. Cluster headache is a type of trigeminal autonomic cephalgia, with unbearable serious pain, yet more explicitly inside the trigeminal circulation with periorbital or transient origin. Trigeminal neuralgia reacts well to acupuncture for cluster headaches.

It is a fact that pain in every trigeminal division ought to have an individual localized point solution. With an extensive number of meridian and additional acupuncture points on the face and scalp, choosing among them can be quite tricky. The generally utilized points for ophthalmic division neuralgia are GB14, ST8, Yuyao, and BL2; for the maxillary division: GB3, ST2,3, LI20, and SI18; and for the mandibular: TE17, ST6,7, and CV24.

3. How to use acupuncture for Sinus Headaches?

Acupuncture for sinus headaches is the most ideal approach to manage sinus issues.

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Facial acupuncture points for headache

There are several acupuncture points for headache on the face.

1. In Between Your Eyes

This part is located over the extension of the nose, in the middle of the eyebrows. You will most likely feel the edges of the eyebrows meet. This is the pressure point for acupuncture. Administering the needles results in mucus discharge which thereby prevents pain and inflammation of the sinuses. It is additionally an incredible point for the cure of colds and rhinitis.

2. Both Sides of the Nose

Located to the sides of the nostrils, this acupuncture point is an incredibly significant zone. It helps the sinuses to drain out all the more successfully and is excellent for easing the pain in the forehead.

3. Bridge of Nose

These acupuncture points are situated at the highest point of the nose, precisely at the point where the nose interfaces with the edge of the eyebrows. Acupuncture at this point has a major impact in calming the pain behind the eyes caused due to sinusitis and different conditions in the Frontal, Ethmoid, and Sphenoid Sinuses.

4. The Philtrum

This point is found simply under the nose. There is a little section that you can feel on your upper lip. Acupuncture at this point will unclog the sinuses and cure sinus pain.

5. Eyebrows

This acupuncture point for headache is situated along the edge of the eyebrow. It is an incredible acupuncture point for diminishing pain behind the eyes.

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How much time does it take to treat a headache through acupuncture?

headache acupuncture

Expert acupuncturists recommend patients to undergo 6 acupuncture sessions in the first month of the treatment schedule. At this point, generally, there will be about two more treatments on a weekly basis, and later to once in every month. Improvement can be perceived immediately after the first month of treatment, however, it could also take a couple of treatment plans for a permanent cure from headaches. It takes about a month’s time for the problem of headaches to heal. Completion of the entire acupuncture session is of utmost importance and you need to adhere to entire schedules.

What are the side effects and shortcomings of using acupuncture for headaches?

  • A very common adverse side effect of acupuncture for headaches is exhaustion which usually occurs after the first and second round of treatment. You could also get a headache after either the first or the second session.
  • Luckily, there are positive reactions to acupuncture therapy. Regularly one feels calm, can rest better, and ward off diseases all the more effective. This is likely because of the reduction in stress.
  • Acupuncture for headaches therapy itself conveys little hazard when done by an authorized professional. In some cases, a session brings about bruises, exhaustion, and subsequent, particularly after your first session. pain
  • As per the National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), acupuncture therapy that is performed with unhygienic equipment can cause health hazards. Acupuncture therapy needles are controlled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and should be used only once and discarded after use.

How to get ready for your first Acupuncture therapy session for Headaches?

  • Seek the help of an acupuncturist for your treatment. Do consider his recommendations and suggestions.
  • Keep yourself for the rest of the day as you may require a whole day to recover from the impacts of acupuncture therapy.
  • Eat two or three hours before your acupuncture therapy session.
  • Avoid liquor and caffeine to enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for the session to avoid any hindrance to the acupuncture points.

What precautionary measures should you take for acupuncture for headaches treatment?

Following are the two safety measures you should know about before receiving acupuncture therapy for the treatment of headaches.

  • If you are a cardiovascular patient with a pacemaker in the heart, then keep away from acupuncture therapy as the electrical pulses in the needles may disrupt the functioning of the pacemaker.
  • If you are on blood-thinning prescription or if you suffer from bleeding disorders then the needle bruises may start to bleed badly and obstruct the treatment.

Acupuncture for headaches is a highly effective natural treatment for all kinds of headaches. Ditch the toxic pain-killers and beat the pain in the sinuses by the administration of acupuncture therapy. The needles of acupuncture might seem a little scary but all that you will experience is a slight prick or perhaps nothing at all because the entire procedure is painless and is completely safe. However, It is advised that you do your homework and consult an expert acupuncturist before embracing the treatment.

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