To Promote Longevity, Here Are Some Steps You Can Take

Updated on February 4th, 2021
Tips To Promote Longevity

Life expectancy can be enhanced with simple steps and changes. This guide will encourage you to find ways to improve your health, improve your life expectancy,  and feel good as you age. Let’s begin with the easiest—increase your life expectancy with sunlight.

Tips To Promote Longevity

1. Go Outside

Life expectancy can be improved solely by going outside. When we go outside, our skin gets exposed to sunlight. That exposure triggers cells in our skin to generate vitamin D [2].

2. Lower Your Stress

Life expectancy can be disturbed up by stress in 2 significant ways. The 1st way is through the direct, unhealthy effects of stress on our body in the long term.

The 2nd way stress can shorten our life expectancy is through the negative behaviors that being stressed triggers. These behaviors include smoking and comfort eating. Learn to relax through meditation or de-stressing techniques to keep your life expectancy up where it should be [3].

3. Be More Like a Vegetarian

Life expectancy can be identified with three factors: vegetarians excel at more antioxidants, fewer bad fats, and lower weight. Before we delve into how being a vegetarian can help life expectancy, we have to spell out what we infer from a vegetarian [4].

Few vegetarians are “junk food vegetarians.” These types of vegetarians eat pizzas, cheese, and ice cream all day long. That is not desirable for life expectancy or health.

What we mean is the individual who is eating lots of veggies prepared in healthy fats (such as olive oil) while reducing animal products, such as cream and cheese. We’ll call this kind of vegetarian a “whole foods vegetarian.”

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4. Get Daily Exercise

Increase your life expectancy with a commitment to daily exercise. Research showed that individuals who exercise vigorously for around 3 hours a week had cells and DNA that were 9 years younger than nonexercisers. 3 hours a week is a little more than half an hour a day.

The simplest way to create an exercise habit is regular daily repetition. When we promise yourselves to exercise daily, we may skip a day but then get back on the program the following day.

If we are exercising 3 times a week and skip Friday, then we would have gone from Wednesday to Monday without working out—a total of four days with no exercise (hazardous, from a habit-building perspective).

It is more critical for a life expectancy that we exercise year after year than go through fits and starts of vigorous exercise followed by no exercise.

Daily exercise will also help enhance your sleep and your energy level. It is essential to rev up our whole body each day. Remember, daily exercise does not have to mean going to the gymnasium every day. Home exercises, such as stretching, yoga,  free weights, and more, can be incredibly effective.

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5. Develop a good sleeping pattern

Sleep is critical for regulating cell function and helping our body heal.

Recent research discloses that longevity is likely associated with regular sleeping patterns, like retiring to bed and arising around the same time daily.

Sleep duration also indicates to be an element, with both too little and too much being detrimental.

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6. Moderate your alcohol intake

Heavy alcohol consumption is linked to heart, liver, and pancreatic disease and an overall increased risk of early death. However, moderate consumption is linked with a reduced likelihood of numerous diseases, as well as a 17–18% decrease in our risk of premature death.

Wine is considered exceptionally beneficial due to its rich content of polyphenol antioxidants. Results from 29-year research revealed that people who preferred wine were 34% less likely to die early than those who preferred spirits or beer.

7. Don’t smoke

Smoking is strongly associated with disease and early death. Overall, individuals who smoke may lose up to ten years of life and be three times more likely to die too soon than those who never pick up a cigarette. One research notes that people who quit smoking by age thirty-five may lengthen their lives by up to eight and a half years.

Moreover, quitting smoking in your sixties may add up to 3.7 years to your life. Quitting in your eighties may still provide benefits.

8. Eat more nuts

Nuts are nutritional powerhouses. They’re rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, and useful plant compounds. What’s more, they’re an excellent source of numerous minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium, copper, potassium, niacin, folate, and vitamins E and B6.

Several studies indicate that nuts have beneficial effects on high blood pressure, heart disease, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, belly fat levels, and even some cancer forms.

9. Floss Daily

The fact that flossing daily can prolong life expectancy falls in the strange-but-true category. Flossing does two things—it prevents heart disease (not so obvious), and it prevents gum disease (that’s rather obvious). Preventing both of these collectively is what adds years to our life.

When we floss, we help prevent our gums from becoming inflamed. When our gums are inflamed, we have a chronic bacterial infection in our mouth. This harms our arteries through two mechanisms.

10. Avoid overeating

The association between calorie intake and longevity presently generates a lot of interest. Animal research indicates that a 10–50% reduction in average calorie intake can increase maximum lifespan.

Studies of human populations reputed for longevity also note links between an extended lifespan, low-calorie intake, and a lower likelihood of disease.

Bottom Line

Longevity can seem beyond our control, but several healthy habits can lead us to a ripe, old age. These include drinking tea or coffee, exercising, getting adequate sleep, and limiting our alcohol intake. Taken together, these habits can boost our health and put us on the path to a long life.

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