Soothe your eyes with the tea bag for stye

Updated on March 31st, 2020

Green tea bag for stye is helpful due to its rich healing content. It is antibacterial and analgesic properties help to reduce swelling and irritation (1). It may be used to soothe and heal irritated skin. Tea is a natural herb that contains antibacterial components known as tannin, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which decreases swelling and pain in the tender area.

The decrease in inflammation is one of the main goals of eye stye treatment since the inflammation creates pain and irritation. Moreover, since it harbors a robust antibacterial element, it may be able to keep the area clean and free of irritants.

Why does it work?

The warmth of the heated tea bag gives temporary relief from the irritation, and itchy feeling in styes. Another reason to use green tea for a stye is that they provide steam which helps clear the eye pus pockets that are holding the harmful bacteria and may relax the skin around the eye and let it drain naturally at a faster pace.

This method limits the use of chemical compounds, which may further irritate the eye. Unlike many antibacterial ointments and components, tea bags are readily available in your kitchen and do not contain any substances other than tannins and tea leaves, which are comforting to your stye eye condition.

How to use a teabag for stye?

Tea Bag for Stye

Teabags are an excellent remedy for treating stye at-home. This remedy is very economical. Here’s how you can use a teabag for eye stye:

  • Heat some water in a pan and soak the tea bag in warm water.
  • Take out the teabag.
  • Let the tea bag cool off (you don’t want it to be too hot).
  • Gently place it on the affected eyelid.
  • Let the pack stay on your eyelid for a little while to get relief from the itching and ache.

You can also make a cold compress for your eye using tea bags.

  • Take two tea bags and put them in hot water.
  • Take them out after some time and squeeze out the water from the tea bags.
  • Let them cool in the refrigerator for almost 30 minutes.
  • Put the tea bags on the affected eye for at least 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this process as often as required.

You can use your fingertips to apply mild pressure on your eyes or lightly massage the area near your eyes. If you are using chilled bags, try treating your eyes with slices of cold cucumber for further relief. A restorative yoga pose can also help you relax from everyday stress while you are using your teabag method.

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Several types of tea bags can be used to treat stye and related eye conditions. It is best to utilize organic tea whenever possible to avoid harmful chemicals. Herbal tea is calming and comforting. They can help to reduce inflammation and puffiness (2). Popular herbal teas applied to treat stye are:

  • Rooibos
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Eyebright
  • Calendula
  • Comfrey
  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek

Teabags can also be used to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Dilated blood vessels below the eyes may play a role in giving you dark circles. Placing a cold tea bag can make the vessels constrict. Frozen tea bags compress can also improve the condition of puffiness or mild inflammation under the eyes.

Pink eye or conjunctivitis occurs when the mucous membranes of the conjunctiva become irritated and swollen. A cold tea bag can assist in alleviating some of the dryness and soreness. Placing a frozen tea bag compresses over the eyes may help ease the irritation in red or bloodshot eyes.

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Side effects/Precautions

A few things to keep in mind are to always wash your hands and face before treatment. Remove any makeup before using the method. Never use hot tea bags on your eyes. You must discontinue the use if you are experiencing any pain or irritation.

Avoid the tea bags that contain staples and always use unbleached tea bags. Keep the liquid out of your eyes because it can cause an allergic reaction. You must remove contact lenses before doing the treatment and do not rub or touch your eyes.

The tannin in the tea gives it soothing and antibacterial properties that can help treat a stye. It is a very safe and economical method.

Teabags can be used as either hot or cold compresses. But care must be taken while using it to avoid any allergic or harmful reactions. If you do not see any improvement in a week, immediately consult your doctor for further treatment.

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1. Can I Clean My Eyes with Soap After Removing Tea Bags?

It is best if you do not use any soap until you completely recover from the stye. If must, then use mild soaps that are free from harsh chemicals.

2. How Long Does It Take for the Stye to Heal After Using Tea Bags?

Usually, it can take about 7-10 days for a stye to heal.

3. Can I Wear Eye Makeup and Contact Lens?

Do not wear makeup and contact lens during this period as they both can increase the irritation in your eyes. Also, the chemicals and components in makeup can increase the inflammation. So it would be best for you to stay away from both.

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