Benefits of Peppermint Oil for Treating Headaches

Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits

Headaches are a very primitive and common medical condition that everyone suffers from at some point in time. They don’t go away quickly. They hinder performance, productivity and cause a lack of concentration. Using Peppermint Oil for alleviating headaches is an effective remedy for treating the pain caused by this condition.

Headaches cause a prolonged numb sensation in a specific part of the head. Headaches are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea and dizziness and can cause further complications. A profound complexity in the body might also give rise to a headache. Using Peppermint for Headache is hugely beneficial. It provides a soothing effect and makes one feel rejuvenated and calmer.

  1. Causes of Headaches
  2. Peppermint Oil for Headache
  3. Usage of Peppermint Oil
  4. Other Home Remedies

Types of Headaches

There are about ten types of Headaches that trouble the human body and reduce human efficiency:

  • Tension Headaches
  • Hormone Headaches
  • Caffeine Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Migraines, Sinus or Allergy Headaches
  • Post-traumatic Headaches
  • Hypertension Headaches
  • Exertion Headaches
  • Rebound Headaches

Causes of Headache problems

Causes of headaches
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Although Headaches have now become a common issue for many, they are caused due to some triggers:

    • Tension: one of the most common types of Headaches
    • Cluster Headache: With a probability of 0.1%, this type of headache usually affects those who smoke.
    • Migraine: Such Headaches are triggered by brain chemical imbalance and abnormal brain activity.
    • Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: They cause about 57% of Headaches and is commonly called a Sinus Headache.
    • Subarachnoid Haemorrhage: This condition is hazardous and is caused by a head injury. This type of headache indicates underlying bleeding and vessel malformations.
    • Encephalitis and Meningitis: Encephalitis is a type of brain infection while Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes around the brain.
    • Head Trauma: A head injury can also cause a headache, and such Headaches might continue for 2-3 months.
    • Stroke: a patient in the early phase of a stroke usually experiences a headache and is caused due to a blood clot in the blood vessels leading to the brain.
    • Brain Tumour: patients with brain tumors usually suffer from a headache. It is more persistent than a Migraine Headache.
    • Chronic Subdural Hematoma: 80% of patients suffering from this condition experience Headaches and is due to the presence of an old blood clot present on the surface of the brain.

Symptoms of Headaches

  • The symptoms that usually accompany any a headache are:
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Neurologic Discrepancies such as indecipherable speech, incapability to speak or move a particular limb, loss of vision, etc.
  • Stiff Neck
  • Nausea
  • Seizure
  • Sensitivity to bright light

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Peppermint Oil for curing Headache

Peppermint is a common herb used to flavor food, as an ingredient in toothpaste, cosmetics, and chewing gums. Its Latin name is Mentha piperita and has been used by humanity towards treatment for gas, nausea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Headaches. Peppermint Oil is extracted from this plant and is considered one of the essential oils.

It provides a specific numbing effect and has a cooling effect on the aggrieved part of the head. It provides great relief to people suffering from headache. Primarily composed of menthone and menthol, it is a standard part of aromatherapy for the cure of colds, fatigue, acne, digestive problems, and dermatitis. The menthol present in the oil helps to relax muscles and ease any degree of pain(1).

However, it can cause skin rashes, heartburns and breathing problems in infants. It should be kept away from children because the effect of this oil on children has not been studied extensively. Pregnant women should also keep away from it or take advice on this topic from their respective physicians.

Why use Peppermint Oil for curing Headaches?

There are some medicines available in the market for the treatment of all kinds of Headaches. However, not all of them are good for the human body. NSAIDs cause depletion of the gut in the intestines and might cause an autoimmune ailment.

The most common symptom of this is a constant stomach-ache. Some of the other drugs may cause kidney damage, bleeding of the stomach and damage the liver. Peppermint Oil comes as a welcome natural remedy. It does not damage the human body and can provide relief from Headaches.

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How to use Peppermint Oil?

There are some ways to effectively use Peppermint Oil for proper relief of an impending headache. Follow any one of the given methodologies for proper usage of the oil as a soothing remedy.

1. The 30-minute remedy

You need three drops of Peppermint Oil, one tablespoon of water or coconut oil, a bowl to mix them both and a piece of cloth or a cotton ball to apply it to your forehead. Mix both oils and apply it to your forehead along your hairline and temples using a cotton ball. Re-apply at least twice and rest. Within 30 minutes, you shall be provided with relief by this magic oil.

2. Adding Drops to a Bath

peppermint oil drops for headaches
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Add a few drops of Peppermint Oil to your warm bath and spend about 30 minutes soaking in this soothing and relaxing bath. This reduces pain and with continuous use, reduces symptoms of migraines(2).

3. Massage Oil

Mix about two tablespoons of almond oil with 3-5 drops of Peppermint Oil to make a massage oil. Use your fingers to massage this oil into your temples, shoulders, and back of neck to get quick relief.

4. Filling the Air

This is another way of battling a headache. Add about 3-7 drops of the essential oil in your vaporiser. Breathe in this air directly, and you must observe immediate results. If you don’t own a vaporiser, drop in 3-5 drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water. Cover your head and breathe in the escaping steam only through the nose with your eyes closed. A cotton ball dipped in Peppermint Oil might also do the trick if the smell is too strong for you.

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5. Peppermint Tea

peppermint tea
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If you use Peppermint essential oil for headache treatment, be informed that it cannot be consumed directly, but tea made from peppermint leaves can be consumed. Peppermint candy or chewing gum has the same effect. Drink peppermint tea to be free from migraines, feel more energetic and improve concentration.

Dos and Don’ts

Adults can freely consume dietary supplements and use skin products containing Peppermint Oil or extract. However, such supplements can also cause heart burns and reduce the efficiency of certain medications.

A physician must be consulted in all cases before using such products. You must also check for the development of any rash or any side effect that might have occurred with continuous use of Peppermint Oil. Keep it out of reach of children and place it in a cool place.


    1. Peppermint Oil must be applied along with another oil.
    2. The oil must never be rubbed on the skin as it can irritate and can cause rashes.
    3. If you are under any medical treatment, it is better to ask a healthcare expert before using Peppermint Oil.
    4. Pregnant women must avoid using Peppermint Oil. A physician can be contacted to know about the effectiveness of the oil during pregnancy.

Other Home Remedies for Headaches

    1. Cool it off: Regulate blood flow to the head by using an ice-pack or frozen gel-pack usually helps with a headache.
    2. Caffeine: Caffeine provides momentary relief and sometimes help absorption of medicinal drugs.
    3. Isolation: A dark, quiet room away from all kinds of triggers might also help to soothe an irritating headache.
    4. Exercise: Exercise helps to release endorphins, relieves stress and can prevent Headaches.
    5. Proper Sleep: Excess or Deficiency of Sleep is a favorite trigger of Headaches.
    6. Yoga: The slower movements aimed at improving the metabolism of the body help to reduce the intensity of Headaches and minimize the number of attacks.
    7. Vitamin B2: Riboflavin is found in cheese, chicken, milk, and fish and help to improve all-round wellness and helps to prevent migraines.
    8. Magnesium: Abundant in nuts, whole grains and dark-green veggies, magnesium helps to prevent migraine attacks.

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This was all the required information about the benefits of using Peppermint Oil for treating Headaches. Using these remedies at home will hopefully relieve you of your Headaches and with continuous use, might even cure it.

There are many other home remedies available for curing all kinds of Headaches which might also work for you. New medicines are continually being developed for Headaches, but most of them have harmful side-effects.

Nature is bountiful and provides a solution to almost all diseases. After reading all the benefits of using Peppermint Oil, I believe you are ready to ride the wagon now. Do give it a try and share your thoughts on this great product.

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