Leptin Diet May Actually Help You Lose Fat

Updated on April 29th, 2020
leptin diet

The leptin diet is a specialized diet created to set your body on weight loss mode. This diet is a Leptin resistance diet and can help you regulate leptin hormone inside your body for weight loss.

Clinical nutritionist Byron J. Richards developed the Leptin diet, and he explains that this diet circulates around five specific guidelines.

  • No eating after dinner or 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Eating only three meals a day, with a gap of 5 to 6 hours in between every meal.
  • Food consumption should be stopped when you are a little less full.
  • Reduce carb intake.
  • Consume 20 to 30 grams of protein for breakfast every day.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone in your body that is produced in the fat stores. The primary responsibility of this hormone is to signal your brain sensors when you are full, which triggers you to stop eating. This hormone also supports proper metabolism and plays a significant part in obesity, weight gain, and weight loss.

This hormone travels in your blood circulatory system and sends a message to the appetite area controller of your brain. This hormone helps in curbing your appetite when you are full, it also travels through the nervous system of your body and stimulates fatty tissues, which help in calorie and fat burning.

How Does the Leptin Diet Work?

If too much leptin hormone builds up inside your body, it develops resistance against this hormone. Due to this, the hormone cannot do its job properly, and it results in weight gain. It has been discovered that stress and obesity play a significant role in leptin hormone resistance.

The leptin diet basically helps in curbing your appetite and stops you from overeating. The leptin diet plan also cuts excess calories.

What Foods Should Be Eaten?

The Leptin diet advises you to consume 400 to 600 calories in every meal, which will include diverse ingredients, and 40% of has to be protein, 30% has to be calories from carbohydrates, and 30% from fat.

The Leptin diet food list prioritizes consumption of organic, minimally processed, and whole-food items, also avoiding calorie centric beverages with additives and drinking more water.

Any food items which are processed are forbidden for consumption while following this diet.

Whole Grains, legumes, organic poultry, farm-fresh beef, farm-fresh pork, non-starchy fruits, and vegetables are generally advised for consumption while following this diet.

the leptin dietWhat Foods Should Be Avoided While Following the Leptin Diet?

The Leptin foods to avoid strictly are the consumption of saturated fat, added sweeteners, preservatives, color, and all processed food items. It also advises refraining from consuming any refined oil, such as canola or sunflower. You must also avoid drinking aerated drinks and fruit juices as they contain vast amounts of added sugar.

The Leptin Diet Plan

The recommended leptin diet plan consists of 40% protein, 30% fat, and 30% carbs for every meal.

Here is a sample Leptin reset diet plan:

  • Breakfast: tortilla (whole grain tortilla filled with 4 scrambled egg whites, and half cup shredded cheese) and 6 ounces yogurt (with strawberries)
  • Lunch: one serving of salmon, about 6 ounces, grilled with cold-pressed olive oil, one small baked potato, and half cup steamed vegetables.
  • Dinner:  rotisserie boneless skinless chicken breast about 5 ounces, quinoa salad, 2 cups of sorted spinach with cold-pressed olive oil.

These are the typical foods for the Leptin diet. Also, to increase the leptin hormone level inside your body, you need to consume food items containing an increased amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Foods that increase leptin are sardines, salmons, and certain algae contain the Omega-3s.


The leptin diet is very much different from other weight management diet plans, even though primary principles are similar. This diet strictly avoids eating at night and 3 hours before sleep. It also eliminates any kind of sugary drinks, food items, and processed foods with additives, which stop excessive consumption of carbohydrates. The leptin diet also emphasizes portion control of food consumption.

This diet has to be followed by a regular exercise regime. The combination of portion control, nutritious organic foods, and regular exercises help you lose weight and prevent obesity.

Risks and Side Effects

The Leptin diet is a strict, calculative diet based on your body system, which is why it has a serious restriction on several food items. You have to religiously stick to the dietary regimen. Otherwise, things can become complicated. Many people find this challenging to correctly follow the diet plan.

Similar to other diet plans, the leptin diet is very much calculated, and if you want to indulge yourself in this diet, then consult a physician, nutritionist, or dietitian who will be able to provide you enough insight on what your body requires. This diet is also not suitable for children or teenagers, as they need more calories than adults.


Leptin is an essential hormone in the body that helps your body consume only the required amount of food. If the leptin diet is religiously followed without any mistakes, then it will show proper results. Also, all of the food items consumed during this diet have to be home-cooked with organic products. As mentioned above, it is essential to consult a medical specialist before going through this strict diet.


1. Does leptin help you lose weight?

Yes, leptin does help with losing weight by signaling your appetite-controlling area in the brain and indicating your body to stop eating.

2. Does leptin make you hungry?

It varies from person to person.

3. What stimulates leptin?

Insulin stimulates leptin secretion in the body

4. What foods are high in leptin?

Protein, fatty fish, zinc, and leafy greens are leptin-rich foods.

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