Lose Flabby Arms with Exercises and Dietary Tips

Updated on April 23rd, 2020
how to lose flabby arms

Even fewer amounts of arm fat remain a big deal for all the ladies out there. After all, we don’t want to flex our fat arms, do we? Stubborn arm fat remains a real problem, no matter how much the diet is controlled or dessert is cut down on. Arm fat seems to stay out. So, let’s find out what is causing the fat to accumulate, and then we’ll tackle methods to deal with the issue.

Causes of Arm Fat

If you’re facing a problem with arm fat, don’t listen to those explaining it away. It needs to be addressed. Arm fat occurs due to aging. As one grows older, metabolic rates fall. If you’re not physically active, excess fat could well find its way to your arms.

Certain studies have even found low testosterone levels can trigger upper arm fat storage. As a woman becomes older, hormones decrease, and flabby arms follow. Perhaps the most crucial question here is not what causes arm flab, but how to lose those flabby arms? Let’s find out what how to prevent chubby arms.

How to Lose Flabby Arms with Dietary Tips

1. Count your Calories

While trying to reduce flabby arms, check on the number of calories you take in. Studies show one needs to burn close to 3,500 calories to burn a single pound of fat. It’s quite simple to achieve this goal. Try reducing calorific intake by 500 calories per week, and soon you’ll be able to burn over 3.5K calories. Count everything you eat and the calorific content, in a notebook, to track consumption more efficiently.

2. Avoid Too Much Sugar

Sugar use

Yes, those sodas and cakes turn into flabby arms. This turn of events is extremely bad for health. So, avoid excess sugar by opting for beverages like tea or coffee instead of bottled or canned juices. Make unsweetened fresh fruit juice at home. Add fruits to a meal instead of pure white sugar.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast

To lose those flabby arms, you need to ensure you don’t lose fat arms. Skipping breakfast can lead to over-eating the rest of the day.

4. Eat Protein

Increase the protein content in your diet. Foods high in protein build more muscle and boost metabolism. This action helps in burning more calories. Proteins also promote satiety and prevent you from overeating and storing fat.

Exercises to Lose Arm Fat

Arm fat reduction is a result of a healthful lifestyle. This includes not only dietary measures but also arm exercises(1). Let’s find out what type of workouts can keep those flabby arms at bay.

1. Strength Training

All one needs for this quick exercise is a pair of standard weights. If you lack dumbbells, use books or bottles of water instead. Stand with your feet apart, shoulder-width. Hold the weight (one in each hand) and lift it above the head. Pay attention to form. Your arm should also be straight. Then, lower the weight behind the back. After holding this pose for 2-3 seconds, lift the weight overhead again. Keep arms close to the ears, and do 20 repetitions in 3 sets each. Ensure you rest before each set.

2. Tricep Dips

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Locate a suitable bench or chair for the exercise. The height of the bench or chair matters. It should ideally be 2 feet higher than the floor. Sit at the edge of the bench and place the arms behind you or within the side of the seat. Ensure the distance between arms is exactly shoulder-width apart. With an upright back, sit towards the edge of the place, with legs stretched out ahead. Bend the elbows to a right, 90-degrees angle and lift the lower body off your seat. Ensure you move towards the floor. Hold this pose for just a couple of seconds. Regulate your breathing to hold the position without excessive exertion. Straighten the arms and push the body up, but don’t sit on the chair after that. Perform 20 reps of 3 sets each for cutting down on arm fat.

3. Bicep Curls

For performing this exercise, start with a pair of weights. Stand with feet firmly on the floor and shoulder-width space between the legs. Hold each weight in one hand. While grasping the load, ensure the palms face you, with fingers around the mass. Lift the weights by bringing your arm to the shoulders and bending the elbows. The elbows should be tucked towards the side to maintain the correct form. Once you hold this for a couple of seconds, bring down the weights by lowering the arm. Do this exercise for 20 reps and three sets.

4. Push-Ups

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A push up can work well for losing arm flab. This exercise is straightforward. Spread a mat on the floor. Then, lie down on the stomach. With palms facing downwards, rest the hands on the ground. Then, lift your body as your hands rest on the ground. Slowly, lower the body till your chest touches the ground.

As this exercise needs a lot of upper body strength, start with knee pushups first and then move to the plank position for regular pushups. Rest the knees on the ground, raising the upper body slowly. Pause for one second and lower the body till the chest is close to the ground, almost parallel. At the time of this exercise, breathe in on the way down. Release your breath while raising the body. Perform ten reps, three sets each day.


For a sound body and a robust set of arms, nothing beats a bit of exercise and diet modification. While flabby arms are an eyesore, they are bad for your health, too. Cut arm flab by working on your diet and using these exercises to keep fat away. The best part about these diet and exercise tips is that they are comfortable and cost-effective.

You don’t even need complicated equipment to work out, or a nutritionist to bill you for diet advice. Just follow these doable tips and work your way up to sleek, toned arms.

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