Everything You Need to Know About Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia)

Updated on January 28th, 2020
how to cure Amblyopia

Amblyopia is understood as the condition of the human eyes where one or both eyes develop poor visual acuity almost to the level of lacking vision in the affected eye as well as poor control on the muscles of the eyes or eye.

Although there have been certain rare cases where Amblyopia has known to affect both eyes of a person, in majority of the cases, only one of the eyes are affected which result in the patient seeing mostly through one eyes to the extent where the brain actually ignores the visual that comes in  through the affect eye.

This condition is also known as the condition of the ‘Lazy Eyes’ since the affected eyes appears to be too lazy to perceive visuals that is presented to it. In some cases, Strabismus or the condition of the crossed eye is also found to be associated with this condition.

The condition of Amblyopia is mostly caused when differences are perceived in the vision due to the differences in near sightedness or farsightedness as well as when other eye conditions such as cataracts, ptosis etc also exist in the patient.

Mostly, this condition has been found to affect children before they reach six years of age. It is believed that Amblyopia(1) is curable provided it is diagnosed early.

Some of the early symptoms of this condition include poor perception of depth as well as poor vision in the affect eye. It is also found that in such cases, the realization that the brain is favouring the visual from one eye only is an early indicator of the condition. Also, this condition has been found to lead the eyes in different directions.

Although treatment is available for this condition, diagnosis at an early age is necessary since it has been reported that after the age of 10 any kind of treatment has been found to be somewhat ineffective.

The Patch

One of the first things that any doctor presented with the case of Amblyopia will suggest is the Patch treatment. Under this treatment, the brain is forcefully made to utilize the help of both the eyes at the same time.

Most of the affected are made to wear an eye patch for duration of 2 to 3 hours and in the meantime, they are also asked to perform certain eye exercises that will help with the laziness of the affected eye.

Even though for most children it is certainly a hard task to follow, it is one of the best treatments that does not need any kind of external medical help since the affect is mostly exercising the brain into active duty of visualizing the things as they are.

Focus Exercises and Training

Another thing that the doctors would make any child with Amblyopia do is to perform certain focus exercises like playing certain high-paced video games with speed movements or Reading a book, or any work that needs the hand eye coordination.

This will mean that the eyes would send signals to the brains that will force it to utilize the visions from both the eyes. It is actually all in the process of how an affected trains his eyes into seeing visuals with both the eyes rather than only one.

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