Frozen Meals That Can Replenish Your Body and Serve Your Taste Buds

Updated on May 20th, 2020
frozen meals

Frozen meals can be one of the best affordable choices, especially during the season of lockdown. Unlike the regular misconception of being unhealthy, frozen meals/foods can be healthy when using the proper ones. Healthiest frozen meals often retain most of their protein, fat, carbohydrate, and nutrient contents. In fact, in some scenarios, they can be better as well, because fresh foods may spoil after overtime, but frozen foods do not rot in general, and even safeguard the nutrient value.

Frozen Meals:

Below is a list of a few healthy frozen meals which can be beneficial to you:

1. Nutrisystem® Stuffed Chicken Breast

nutrisystems stuffed chicken breast

Tender roasted chicken breasts from Nutrisystem are stuffed with the best veggies and high-protein healthy cheese. The frozen chicken has a proper gourmet taste that makes it even more desirable. It can deliver around 17g to 23g of proteins and other essential nutrients, which can account for 180 to 210 calories.

The pack contains different varieties such as mushroom stuffed breast chicken, broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast, and artichoke & spinach stuffed chicken breast.

2. Nutrisystem® Meat Lovers Variety Pack

nutrisystem meat lovers

Meat Lovers Variety Pack is another great frozen meal offered by Nutrisystem. The tender meat can benefit health, curb hunger, and also satisfy the taste buds.

The assortments in this pack can provide from 13g to 18g of protein while accounting for 200 to 190 calories. They also contain decent amounts of dietary fibers, vitamins A & C, calcium, and iron, and other essential nutrients.

The pack comes with seven varieties, namely, chicken sandwich, hamburger, chicken parmesan, roasted turkey medallions, Salisbury steak, Italian style sausage & peppers, and meatloaf sandwich.

3. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is vegan and plant-based ground beef. It comes in a pack of 4. The product is Kosher certified with no-soy and no-gluten and made with non-GMO ingredients.

It contains pea protein, natural flavors, apple extracts, pomegranate extracts, rice protein, and other healthy plant-based materials. The company also uses beet juice extract for color. It delivers 20g of protein, 2g of dietary fiber, and decent amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, and other essential nutrients. It delivers all these and much more while accounting for only 260 calories.

4. Kraft Easy Mac Microwavable Macaroni & Cheese

kraft easy macaroni & cheese

Macaroni & Cheese from Kraft Easy Mac is one of the best-frozen meats for lunch or dinner that can be ready in 3-1/2 minutes. With no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial dyes, the product is worth having in the kitchen to savor the taste buds and enrich the health.

Each serving of the Macaroni & Cheese from Kraft delivers 8g of protein and accounts for around 230 calories. It also provides decent amounts of calcium and iron required by the body.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to frozen foods, you must choose wisely. Make sure the meals are not high in saturated fat, salt, or added sugars. Have a look at the nutritious label and see if they can add to your daily requirement without going beyond your regular calorie intake. To get the proper benefits and avoid any side-effects, follow the cooking methods specified on the package. Store it as mentioned on the packaging and do not add anything while storing, unless specified by the manufacturer.

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