Dr. Giovanni Mazzei

Dr. Giovanni Mazzei

Health Director & Legal Representative 

Giovanni Mazzei was born in Cosenza, but grew up and studied in Rossano Calabria.He was Lecturer for the Hospital Medical School in Surgery of Oral Lesions.

He holds the Certificate of Training in Management of Complex Dental Cases established by the Saint George Institute of Chicago. The Certificate of Attendence in Orthodontics from the Continuing Dental Education program of the University of Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania, school of Dental Medicine. Training in Implantology at the Mish Institute of Pittsburg and Detroit

He held an internship in the Prosthetics, Periodontology and Oral Surgery departments of the University Dental Clinic of the “Umberto I” Polyclinic in Rome. He carried out internships in the Roman hospitals “G.Eastman” and “Nuovo Regina Margherita” respectively in the divisions of Oncological Prevention and Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction Center.

At the “George Eastman” Dental Hospital in Rome, he attended and passed the two-year Professional Training Courses in Orthodontics with top marks, Periodontology and Implantology established by the Medical School of Rome and the Lazio Region.

He attended and passed the Refresher and Professional Training Courses established by the Provincial Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Rome in Endodontics, Intercepting Orthodontics, Precancerous and Neoplastic Pathology of the Oral Cavity, Complete Mobile Dental Prosthesis, Periodontology, Conservative and Fixed Prosthesis, Prevention.

During his university years he was representative of the students of the University of Rome La Sapienza in the two-year period ’88 -’90 at the AISO (Italian Society of Dentistry Students) from 1987 to 91, then an active member in AIO (Italian Dentistry Association) . For this, as a member of the Cultural Council in the provincial section of Rome, he organized Refresher Courses in Professional and Management Psychology.

He has been a member of scientific societies such as SIOMCMF (Italian Society of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery), SidCo (Italian Society of Oral Surgery) and the Italian Society of Friends of Brugg. He has numerous participations in various national and European congresses.

He has been a freelance professional activity in his own office in Rome since 1991. From the following year he has been providing Surgical Consultancy at External Health Facilities.

Giovanni has been a Tourist Entrepreneur since 1999. Since September 2008 a Journalist, a Farmer since ever.
In addition to his mother tongue, he is familiar with English, French and Spanish.

Website: www.studimazzei.com