Interesting Benefits of Gravel Root That Make It Worth a Try

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
Gravel Root

The herb ‘gravel root’ gets its name because of its ability to clear out stones from the kidneys and gallbladders. It also goes by the name ‘Joe Pye Weed’ or ‘Queen of the Meadow Root.’

The roots of the plant are extensively used for herbal treatments. Even the leaves and flowers are used for the same. Native Americans have also used this herb to treat typhus(1). Let’s get to know-how about the gravel root uses that have been around for years.

Nutritional Facts

  • The root of this herb is astringent, diuretic, and tonic.
  • It has shown effective results on the uterus and urinary system.
  • It is used to treat strangury, dropsy, hematuria, gravel, gout, and rheumatism.
  • The herb has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and treats migraines and several neuro-related diseases.

What Are the Benefits of Gravel Root?

1. Fever

It lowers fever!  Typhus and Typhus related fever can be reduced and treated by using Gravel Root. Research says that it can be used in the most unhesitant way to treat malaria, viral fever, and dengue. Additionally, it is used as a diaphoretic and is very helpful in controlling fever caused by dengue, malaria.

2. Bladder Infections & UTI

Gravel root is known to treat bladder infections and has been used by the indigenous tribes for centuries. The modern scientific community attributes this to the natural diuretic abilities, soothing effects and astringent quality of the herb on the urinary tract. Additionally, It also stimulates the mucous membranes in the body and pelvic area and helps tone it.

3. Gall Stones

It helps to dissolve stones in the gallbladder. A common complaint by people today is stones in the gallbladder. The size of these deposits varies, ranging from the size of a pea to a golf ball. For centuries, gravel root has been seen as an alternative therapy that helps to dissolve existing gallstones(2) and prevents the formation of new ones.

4. Arthritis and Gout

The secretion and storage of excess uric acid in the joints leads to gout and arthritis. However, gravel root plays a role in the systemic treatment of this condition by helping in the cleansing of the kidneys, it also tends to breakdown the crystallized uric acid and thereby providing the patient relief from the pain and increase the overall bone health of the patient.

5. Kidney Stones

Gravel root is an antilithic (kidney-stone dissolving) herb that has been used for centuries by Native American Indians. They used this herb for dissolving the stones and to promote the passage of the debris out of the kidney. This herb is also known to effectively reduce the size of the stones.

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Ways to Use Gravel Root

1. Tincture Using Gravel Root for kidney stones


You Need

  • One portion of gravel root
  • One portion of corn silk
  • One portion wild yam
  • One portion cramp bark
  • One portion hydrangea root
  • A few proof spirits like vodka


  • Mix all the ingredients and add five parts of alcohol to cover the mixture. Place this in an air-tight jar. (The amount of vodka should be five times the weight of all the herbs when combined).
  • Let it remain infused with vodka for six weeks. Shake it twice daily.
  • Strain this mixture using a cheesecloth and store it in dropper bottles.
  • Adult dosage is usually recommended to 5 ml * 3 times daily.

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2. Gravel Root Tea for Bladder Infections

You need

  • 1 tsp of gravel root
  • 10 ounces of water


  • Take 10 ounces of water and put it to boil. Add the gravel root and let it simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Strain and drink not more than 2 ml thrice daily.

Precautions to Be Undertaken

  • Gravel root could cause damage if consumed during pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women must keep away from this herb.
  • People who have a history of liver-related diseases and have pre-existing complaints must seek consultation from their doctor before consuming it for its medicinal benefits.

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Bottom Line

As discussed, Gravel Root has ample of health benefits. In spite of the precautions that come with it, people have been using this herb to treat fever, arthritis, pain, kidney stones, etc. It must be noted that this herb is useful when it is taken in the right dosage and method. Also, a certified herbal practitioner is the best guide for this.

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1. Is Gravel Root Helpful in Treating Prostate-Related Conditions?

This herb works as a diuretic and increases urine output. It eases out prostate problems in men and also prevents urinary bladder infections.

2. Are There Any Safety Concerns?

It is not known to cause any side-effects, but the dosage must not exceed more than 6 ml per day. It is always advised that you see an herbal practitioner before self-medication.

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