Melissa Milicevic

Melissa Milicevic


Melissa is an advanced practice registered nurse with a concentration in adult and gerontology acute care. She is also certified in functional medicine through Functional Medicine University and is a Shoemaker CIRS Proficiency Partner which focuses on treatment of mold or biotoxin related illness and post Lyme syndrome.

She has done additional studies in advanced hormone dosing with bioidentical hormones through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, she is waivered to treat opioid addiction through the American Society of Addiction Medicine, a DOT certified medical examiner,and is a certified master of facial aesthetics thought the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

She is a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and was invited into the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Melissa grew up around complementary and alternative medicine for much of her life due to her mother and grandmother becoming interested in things such as herbs, essential oils, and homeopathy while she was still in grade school.

This being a normal part of daily living and incorporated as preventative health practices fostered an interest in Melissa that has followed her through her formal training.

Melissa began to pursue functional medicine training after watching her mother struggle for many years with inappropriately treated Lyme disease; that for many years was diagnosed as fibromyalgia due to her mother’s provider’s lack of willingness to test her for Lyme despite having a known bite and migrans rash 12 years prior.

After working in the hospital setting in multiple departments for almost six years and internal medicine for an additional two years, Melissa founded iThrive Health & Wellness LLC located in Valdosta, GA.

She wanted to practice in a way that more closely aligned with her values, also incorporating the functional medicine and complementary and alternative methods that she had learned over the years and knew worked. In doing so she has a newly found passion for her work in helping others restore their health and creating relationships with her patients that are lasting.

Melissa Milicevic