Dr. Heidi Hoke

Dr. Heidi Hoke

Practitioner of Holistic Health

Heidi is founding owner and practitioner of Vitae Pondera, LLC, which comprises of multiple, CAM-related companies. She has received separate dual-doctorate degrees in Naturopathy and Holistic Health (ND and Ph.DHH) at Kingdom College of Natural Health.

She completed her a Master of Science degree in Holistic Health, specializing in Homeopathy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health as a Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner.

Her private practice, Vitae Pondera Institute of Integrative Health, promotes wellness through evidence-based modalities which include consultation, orthomolecular nutrition, Ayurveda medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and vibrational healing therapies, as she is a Master/Teacher in both the Reiki and Chios healing philosophies.

Medical Hypnotherapy is also integrated in these various offerings, as Heidi is certified in hypnotherapy through Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Additionally, Heidi is founding owner / CEO of Life Balanced Nutraceuticals, offering forty-five proprietary ‘micro-synergetic’ formulas, addressing condition-focused solutions.

Her latest research has been in the successful development of formulations for the full recovery from Morgellons Disease.

Heidi’s mentorship and ongoing liaison of Homeoprophylaxis with published author, and renowned expert homeopathist, Cilla Whatcott, CCH, PhD, allows a vast offering of Homeoprophylaxis formulas for contagious diseases, including that of COVID-19 and the now, upcoming G4, Swine Flu.

In 2017, University of Vitae Pondera was established with two separate, accredited colleges, being granted accreditation by AADP and IMPA.

The Colleges of Natural Medicine and Metaphysics are privately funded, which offer both on-line and on-location study programs for distanced learning and clinical study practices.

Vibrational Perspectives with Dr. Heidi Hoke is Vitae Pondera’s weekly, live video podcast, on Astronet Radio and Facebook, discussing various subjects of Vibrational Frequency Healing.

Website: https://www.vitaepondera.com/