Warren Williams

Warren Williams

C.H.E.K Practitioner

Warren is a traveller on the path of growth, a peaceful warrior, having learnt that life is the lesson.

Warren combines a great feel for body movement and mechanics fostered by over 25 years of martial arts practice with 20 years studying esoteric practices such as meditation, energy healing and emotional self management to help people honor themselves and become their own master.

Over the past 17 years Warren has honed his mastery of the C.H.E.K system whilst integrating his unique understanding of martial arts, energy healing and life coaching.

Acting as a faculty member for the world-renowned CHEK institute, Warren specializes in teaching Holistic lifestyle coaching through out Europe.

Warren has successfully coached a diverse clientele from elite world class sports men and women to corporate leaders, to injured mums and other C.H.E.K practitioners and healthcare professionals, he has consulted to premiership football teams and assisted those deemed medical failures to full health.

Website: warrenwilliamscoaching.com