Robin Graves

Robin Graves

Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Robin is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and past life Facilitator Specialist, who can help you discover the key to unlock a better, healthier You. She is a professional who was trained through and is a member in good standing of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She uses her education and intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie within, or ahead of them.

She is a provider with the Healing Heroes Network and treats Veterans and First Responders, who are suffering from PTSD or other issues. Hypnotherapy has been proven to have high success rates with these issues. She uses Aromatherapy during the sessions to help her clients relax and reach the trance level needed. She has trained with the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss, author of “Many Lives, Many Masters,”, Bryn Blankinship, an associate of the Newton Institute, and dual trained with Mary Lee Labay, founder of The International Institute for Past Life & Awareness Engineering in Seattle.

She was trained by and offers the program created by Sheila Granger, world renown for pioneering the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program. She trained with and offers the Menopause Relief Program engineered by Helen Breward, a Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapist in the U.K.

During your appointment with Robin, you will discover the direction that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance. Through a Transpersonal Hypnotherapy session, you tap into inner guidance; to heal and restore the balance back into your life. You can discover your purpose, explore past life’s and meet your spirit guides. What the mind can conceive, you can achieve.