Noa Lakshmi

Kundalini Yoga Specialist, Motivational Speaker

Noa Lakshmi is a published author, motivational speaker, detoxification specialist, and an empowerment mentor who helps people Love themselves into a Life of greater health, wellbeing, and great fulfillment. Noa is dedicated to the transformational power of Love, especially Self-Love, which is the foundation of her body of work.

For the last decade, Noa has worked with many individuals, showing them how to cultivate the most loving relationship with themselves so they can heal from the inside out and embody their full and glorious human potential – body, mind, and soul. Her work shares a holistic vision for personal alchemy and social transformation as she invokes the mantra to “BE the change you wish to see in the world,” wholeheartedly knowing we are transforming the world with Love one human at a time.

The publication of her first book, Master your Life with Love, was designed to activate and unleash one’s own human superpowers by cultivating radiant health, deep spiritual connection, and most importantly, Love for one Self.

Noa offers spiritual and holistic guidance, astrology readings, classes, talks, workshops, private immersions, and retreats, all design to transform lives from the inside out. She is a certified Bikram, Vinyassa, and Kundalini Yoga teacher, a regenerative detoxification specialist by Dr.Morse international school of detoxification and a holistic Life coach by the institute of integrative nutrition.


Noa Lakshmi