Kimberly Lackey

Kimberly Lackey

Founder of EMPATH Coaching

Kimberly Lackey is the founder of EMPATH Coaching. EMPATH is an approach to guiding others to stay on or get back to their right path, while building a life they love mentally, physically and spiritually.

Learning to understand and listen to your inner self and working through this discovery process often requires external support, and this is how she works with others – providing the gift of facilitating and validating your own healing journey through coaching, nutritional counseling, motivational speaking and more. Her clients become empowered and educated as they work towards their life goals.

Through self-discovery, she hopes to cause a ripple effect in healthcare that spreads positivity and uplifts people to be their best selves. Kimberly is a certified Integrative Health Coach and a certified teacher in the State of Florida.