Jenna Howe

Jenna Howe

BA in Psychology, PG cert. in Cancer & Exercise Recovery

From a young age, Jenna always had a passion for health, wellness, and medicine. Graduating with a Diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management at the age of 20, the lifelong journey of education began.

Her educational background also includes a BA in Psychology, postgraduate certificates in Cancer and Exercise Recovery and Emotional health practitioner, Diplomas in Bowen Therapy and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and certificates in Reiki, ANF Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and Concussion Health.

Most recently, Jenna joined the Amino Neuro Frequency team as one of the first ANF Instructors in Canada and is also a Certified Pain Therapist and Holistic Therapist.

While Jenna continues to provide wellness-based treatments and treatment strategies for chronic pain, she developed a passion for working with concussed individuals in 2003 after one of her former students had mentioned that she had serious post-concussion symptoms.  The response was remarkable and so the journey into treating post-concussion symptoms began. Over the years Jenna developed a patient-centered and results-focused approach to treating the post-concussion syndrome.

Originally from Ontario, Jenna now resides in Victoria, British Columbia providing Concussion, Chronic Pain and Wellness services for all ages.


jenna howe