Erin Holston Singh

Erin Holston Singh

Naturopathic Doctor • Options Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Erin Holston Singh has helped hundreds of individuals overcome chronic illness and optimize their lives in over 20 years of practice as a naturopathic physician. She loves the incessant learning required as a modern-day naturopathic physician, following the latest innovations in medical knowledge.

Always grounded in naturopathic philosophy, she ties the latest scientific findings back to the guiding roots of homeopathy and Nature Cure.

Dr. Erin has served as a trainer in the Heartfulness system of meditation for the past 12 years and been practicing and studying this method for over 28 years. This background and post-doctoral training in Gestalt Therapy enabled her to master the art of tuning-in and exploring emotional connections to disease processes.

The German New Medicine and Recall Healing also contribute to her medical worldview and assessment of patients. Combining all of these perspectives, Dr. Erin has a particular focus in her clinical work on the developmental and emotional relationship to pathology.

She prides herself on helping patients who have not been able to find answers through conventional means, and most importantly, in helping each patient look over the course of their life and understand the process behind their complaints, as well as how to regain health.

Because of this unique background, she has created an unusual but highly effective method of working with patients, allowing for profound healing in those interested in self-awareness and personal expansion.

Since 2015, her practice has shifted to primarily working with cancer, expanding upon the work of her mentor in this field, Dr. Nasha Winters. Coupling Winters’ Metabolic Approach to Cancer with her own unique contributions to medicine, patients are making profound shifts and halting this overwhelming disease.


Erin Holston Singh