Dr. Pam

Dr. Pam C


Dr. Pam, the founder of Chemical-Free Life, began researching the link between food chemicals of concern and adverse reactions back in the late 1980‘s.  Throughout that time she has published journal articles and books, presented at scientific and professional conferences, and designed and conducted seminars and workshops, training clients and the general public about chemicals of concern in our food and products and their link with adverse health consequences.

Book and Guide:  Dr. Pam is the author of the science-based, user-friendly book designed to help consumers avoid potentially harmful chemicals of concern in their food and the adverse symptoms that have been associated with them.

Training/Consulting:  Science-based and user-friendly, Dr. Pam’s one-on-one, customized training and consulting programs offer an engaging and eye-opening journey to going clean.  The programs offer easy, realistic and practical solutions and alternatives for going clean.

Public education:  Dr. Pam’s public education outreach efforts include both public and professional seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences, and special event tabling. Her radio show offers listeners the inside scoop on the hot topic chemicals of the day and her popular blog offers visitors user-friendly overviews of the latest scientific findings on chemicals of concern in food, products and the environment.

Website: chemical-free-life.org