Dr. Jackie Christensen

Dr. Jackie Christensen

Ph.D. – Ayurveda & Naturopathic Practitioner

My passion is natural health and education — and my goal as a Naturopath and Ayurveda Practitioner is to:

  • Reinvigorate your body and remove toxins that are blocking vital energy
  • Aid your body in its natural course toward healing
  • Assess the whole person, not just the symptoms
  • Search for the underlying causes for imbalance.

I believe that humans are individuals and each one is influenced by a multitude of factors including diet, exercise, genetics, attitudes and spiritual believes. Everyone is unique and each illness reflects an issue that is exclusive to that person.

I am committed to using a wide variety of healing modalities and lifestyle options to help people utilize their internal resources, begin the healing process, and strengthen the mind, body, spirit connection.

I believe the holism theory

The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. We are three separate parts mind, body and spirit of a whole and optimum health is a state of being in which the mind, body, and spirit work in balance and harmony. To reach optimum health it requires an equal assessment of all parts to discover where an imbalance might lie.
I am motivated, dedicated, and passionate about my work and I utilize my skills to empower others with the knowledge that is necessary to make informed decisions about their health.

My Credentials

In addition to my private practice in Santa Cruz, CA, I serve as a faculty member for the Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies and Kingdom College of Natural Health. I also work as an herbalist at the Mount Madonna Institute of Ayurveda, where I compound herbal formulas and create herbal remedies.

Previously, I served as a faculty member for the Global College of Natural Medicine, Om Institute of Wellness, and Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness from 2005-2012, where I trained students to become nutritional consultants, herbalists, and holistic health practitioners.

My educational background includes:

  • Earning a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Minnesota State University
  • Graduated on the Dean’s Honor List for the Master of Science in Holistic Health from the Global College of Natural Medicine
  • Graduating from Mount Madonna’s Ayurveda Health Counselor program
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the Kingdom College of Natural Health.