Denis W Ouellette


Denis Ouellette, BA, BS, LMT, OBDS, trained with breathwork pioneers in the 1970s and is a certified Optimum Breathing Development® Specialist.

A core faculty member at Michael Grant White’s Optimal Breathing School, Denis has facilitated thousands of breathwork sessions and conducts ongoing Integral Breathwork™ Seminars—the complete matrix for which is contained here.

He practices breathwork and bodywork in Livingston, Montana, north of Yellowstone Park, where he lives with his wife, Jill. He has grown twin daughters.

He publishes Natural Life News & Directory, a natural-health magazine distributed throughout the West. His book, Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound and Water, was originally published in 1982, the updated and greatly expanded 2019 Third Edition contains new material on breathing physiology, PTSD, alternative healing therapies, more astounding stories, and a wealth of tools for self-healing and well-being.


Denis W Ouellette