Cheryl Meyer

My message is simple, “eliminate toxins, heal your chronic pain.  Own your own health.

I got sick and didn’t want a life of pain and pills. “

Cheryl wrote the manual she wishes she’d had when she got sick.  In her award winning book It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great Again, Meyer explains how she discovered she was suffering from inflammation and autoimmune disease, how she actively searched out, purged, and replaced toxins in her life, how she found the right doctor (a Functional MD), and how she finally returned to wellness and a life without pain.

Eliminating toxins was a critical step in healing her leaky gut, which is the cause of inflammation.  As she regained her health, she returned to school and became a health coach to share her new knowledge with others.  She comments, “I wrote this book for people with autoimmune disease and inflammation, but really, it’s for everyone. Inflammation is a root cause of many of our illnesses and disease, cancer, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, Type I and Type II diabetes, possibly even autism.  Inflammation inhibits weight loss.

I have given talks to people with autoimmune disease but also to people who are cancer survivors, people who are stroke survivors, moms with children with health issues, and millennials that don’t want to get sick like their parents. Toxins are everywhere and impacting our health, the health of our children, and the health of our earth.  I would like people to eliminate the toxins now and not wait until they get sick and tired of being sick and tired.” She adds, “It’s all about toxic load. 

Each toxin that is eliminated is one step closer to health.” Cheryl just turned 70 and feels better than she did in her 50’s.  She is passionate to share her message. Cheryl has begun her second book called Feeling Good, A Practical Guide for Living a Low Toxin Life due out January 2020. 

She is the host of a local TV show on public access tv station KGEM on Health and will be doing a podcast on RHG TV/ Voice America starting in May 2020. Cheryl holds a BA from the University of California Berkeley. 

She graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©, in New York City in 2017.  She is a self-employed business owner. Her book has won 13 awards to date. She has been a guest on over 100 podcasts and 14 summits.


Cheryl M