Ani Papazyan

Ani Papazyan

Pain Relief Specialist. Nutritionist. Lifestyle Educator.

Ani Papazyan is a licensed massage therapist, nutritionist, certified lifestyle educator and founder of Last Stop 4 Pain, with over two decades of specialized training in advanced pain relief techniques such as such as Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT), European Medical Massage, Trigenics, and Low Level Light Therapy (LLT), Ani is able to educate her patients about nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle choices and supplementation.

Ani’s journey in the field of medical massage can be traced back to 1995, when she started working with chiropractors and various healthcare professionals. From 1998-1999, Ani was chosen to be Janet Jackson’s massage therapist for the duration of the “Velvet Rope” World Tour. She has since worked with people from all walks of life, including professional athletes and dancers, helping them recover from injuries, surgery, ailments and body aches from the stress of daily life.

The years of working with people who have learned to live lives restricted by pain fueled Ani’s passion to help create a better experience of pain relief and advocate for the use of comprehensive techniques to achieve wellness and optimize life. Ani founded Last Stop 4 Pain and it has constantly been the most highly-rated pain relief specialist in Los Angeles, to this day.