Dr. Tami Singh

Dr. Tami Singh

M.D. | Physician | CEO

Caring for patients the way I want myself and family to be cared for” has been my motto since starting medical school. After training, I joined a multi-specialty practice in 2010, Clark and Daughtrey, a physician owned group. My patient panel grew to over 4,000 patients in 7 years.

My staff and I always strived for a patient’s experience in the office to be a pleasant one. However, the physician owned practice soon merged with a large hospital and the family feel of the office was lost.

Many of the personal touches disappeared and patients felt like a number. This convinced me to seek alternative options to better care for my patients. The obstacles my patients encountered, along with my drive of why I became a physician motivated me to open Aspire Health.

The membership model at Aspire Health allows me to devote quality time to my patients and their families, getting to know them on a more in-depth level. The close relationship I develop and the time I spend with patients are personally important to me. This is the foundation of exceptional health care.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering at the Miami Rescue Clinic, teaching, traveling, working out, yoga, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.

Website: www.aspirehealthcenter.com

Dr. Tami Singh