Dr. Kris Sargent

Dr. Kris Sargent

Health & Life Coach

I’m Dr. Kris Sargent. I opened my Functional Medicine clinic, over 28 years ago, to SPARK health transformation at the body, soul and mind levels. I want you to know, you REALLY CAN do ANYTHING with the right tools and mindset. Healing yourself is no different.

On the private life and health coaching side of my business, my passion is coaching people, leading with faith first, to create new healthy lifestyle, mindset and body. These changes will result in healthy thyroid and hormone balance, overcoming adrenal fatigue, clearing up irritable bowel and digestive issues, creating permanent weight loss, and eradicating pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. I believe that once your health is in order it’s easier to the rest of your life in order.

I wrote my first book and published it in 2018. Simply Functional Medicine, was an international bestseller in three categories. I authored four eBooks: Calm in the Chaos, Endless Energy, Unraveling the PCOS Mysteries, and Clean it Up: The Ultimate Guide to a Healing Your Gut in a Simple Way. Also, DI have started what I like to call “Do It Yourself Functional Medicine”. It is a series of online mini-courses designed for people to have simple, affordable access to functional medicine to heal their body. My current course is called Clam Days and Sweet Dreams and it outlines what you need to do to alleviate anxiety during the day to have a better night’s sleep. My second course will be done before the end of May 2020 called Mend and Defend: How to Build Your Best Immune System.

The boring stuff… I attended undergrad at the University of Central Florida,graduating with Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology, then went to National University ofHealth Sciences, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Whilepracticing full time, I returned to National University tocomplete a two-year, postdoctoral Master’s ofAdvancedClinical Science, making me one of less than 100 physicianswho have completed this program. I have completed 1000’s of continuing education hours in Nutrition, Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine over the course of my career, plus the 8000+ patients I have moved into optimal health.

On the personal side I’m a single mom with two teens, Kallan and Cooper. I am just as busy as anyone else. I love to blog/vlog, speak professionally, workout – running half marathons is a new love – and stay in optimal health so I can run my four businesses. In addition to my private practice and online courses, I run a weight loss business and speak professionally for corporations who value wellness, bringing fun and entertaining wellness content to their employees.

Website: www.RestorYou.com

Dr. Kris Sargent