Christopher Lemay

Christopher LeMay


I am a board-certified, residency-trained, emergency medicine physician with 12 years of experience.  In addition, I am a fellowship-trained and board qualified in sports medicine.  For the last seven years, I have had the privilege or being an event physician for domestic and international event coverage for the National Basketball Association.

Most recently, from 2019-2020, I completed all coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine and will take my IFM certified practitioner examination this November.  In April 2020, I launched my own practice (Anywhere Total Health) where I seek to combine all of those backgrounds to offer urgent care and functional medicine care through telemedicine, in-office, and in-home visit avenues.

I am truly excited to combine the “conventional” medical model for acute care needs with discussions about improving an individual’s health trajectories via functional medicine expertise.  I believe we have to offer more than a “one size fits all” approach to healthcare and functional medicine has the capacity to truly change our entire healthcare system.

christopher lemay