Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices have been used for centuries to treat different health conditions. Many of these herbs and spices have medicinal properties. Herbs and spices fight against inflammation and reduce damage to your body’s cells. This is because each herb and spice is rich in phytochemicals, which are potent healthy chemicals found plants.

Call it medicinal herbs, healing plants or antifungal plants, they all belong to the category ‘Herbs’. Herb extracts are either derived from seeds, berries, bark, or roots of a plant. Adding herbs and spices to your diet is a healthy way to cut back on less healthy ingredients like salt, sugar, and added fats. Here, you will know the list of herbal remedies that treat various health conditions.

Health Benefits of Adaptogenic Herbs You’ve Never Heard Of!

Adaptogenic herbs, also known as adaptogens, are some of the highly acclaimed food sources that are suggested by global health…

6 days ago

Why Should You Consider Having a Butcher’s Broom Every Day?

Wondering how it got its name? Well, it gets its name because of its stiff branches that the butchers would…

2 weeks ago

Mugwort- The Weed With Potential Health Benefits

Not all weeds are harmful; some come with benefits like mugwort. Mugwort is a herb that has been used for…

4 weeks ago

How You Can Heal Eye Infections With Eyebright

Eyebright is a herb native to Europe that presents itself with white scallop-edged flowers. It goes by an alternate Greek…

1 month ago

Witch Hazel – The Best Natural Remedy for Eczema

Witch hazel has been traditionally known for its use for eczema treatments. Research studies on Witch Hazel and its effectiveness…

2 months ago

Blue Vervain – Benefits of the Mythical Herb

Blue vervain which gets originated from Verbena Hastata is an erect short-lived herbal plant. Since several past years, blue vervain…

2 months ago

How Does Devil’s Claw Extract Benefit Your Health?

The Devil's claw extract is packed with several active plant compounds. This extract has been proposed as an effective solution…

2 months ago

The Power of Water Plant Nutrition

Have you ever thought about that delicious green vegetable matter, floating in your miso soup, when you are dining at…

3 months ago

Interesting Benefits of Gravel Root That Make It Worth a Try

The herb ‘gravel root’ gets its name because of its ability to clear out stones from the kidneys and gallbladders.…

3 months ago

Get Rid of Pain with the Help of Kratom

Kratom, also referred to as Mitragyna speciosa scientifically is an herbal supplement that has been used since time immemorial in…

3 months ago

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