Are You Awake Round the Clock? Try Valerian to Induce a Peaceful Sleep

Updated on September 19th, 2019
Why sleep is important

Centuries ago, Valerian root was used to make perfumes. It has been an elixir in traditional medicine. What’s worth noting is while its flowers are known for its fragrance; the root has a strong, pungent odor. The word ‘Valerian’ means to be strong and healthy, and the daily use of Valerian root will indispensably keep you healthy.

A common problem in today’s world is Insomnia- meaning a” lack of sleep.” Depression, stress, and anxiety are all conditions that lead to Insomnia. It is essential to treat this condition, as lack of sleep can give rise to many health hazards. Valerian root for sleep works wonders compared to alternatives like sleeping pills and over-the-counter tranquilizers. The latter is not only addictive, but an overdose of tranquilizers can also be fatal.

Unheard Facts About Valerian Root

  • The strong odor of the Valerian root is due to the presence of volatile oils present in it.
  • Valerian root is used in the treatment of mental health disorders.
  • Although it treats anxiety, stress, and insomnia it doesn’t cause any dependency.

How Does Valerian Root Work for Sleep?

Insomnia is a condition affecting 80 out of 100 people. It usually doesn’t have anything to do with your physical health. Valerian root focuses on breaking down of GABA in the brain. GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric) is a chemical messenger in the brain, which when breaks down calms the mind.

Valerian root functions in a similar way of Benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepines that aid in sleep. Valerian is 100% natural, herbal, and its regular usage is known to be very useful.

Ways to Use Valerian Root for Sleep?

Valerian root for sleep(1) works when you follow these methods of consuming them:-

1. Valerian Tea

Valerian tea
Image: Shutterstock

Dry Valerian root and put one tbsp of dried root to a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink.

You can add ginger, cinnamon to beat the odd flavor of Valerian Tea. You must drink Valerian tea to sleep an hour before bedtime for best results. It is effective if taken regularly.

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2. Valerian Root Pills

Valerian root can also be consumed in the form of capsules. The recommended valerian root dosage for sleep is 300 to 600 mg before bedtime.

Taking the Valerian root in the form of pills treats all types of insomnia. While some people may have trouble going to sleep, some have difficulty going back to sleep.

It is always suggested to take it before bedtime because it shortens the time taken to go to sleep.

3. Valerian Tincture

Valerian Tincture
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  • Take 1/2 cup dried Valerian root and 1 cup Vodka. Take a jar and fill 3/4th of it with Valerian root.
  • Pour vodka up to the brim. Cover and shake well. Place the airtight jar in a dark, warm area.
  • Steep for 4-5 weeks and keep shaking every three days. Strain this mixture using cheesecloth. Squeeze and obtain as much liquid possible.
  • The dosage recommended for tincture is –¼ teaspoon, and if required another dose, take after half an hour.

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  • Although valerian root for sleep side effects haven’t been many, it must be noted that pregnant and breastfeeding women should try Valerian root only under supervision or on consultation with a gynecologist.
  • Valerian root has worked for some children, but you must not exceed the dosage.
  • Before you start taking Valerian root, inform your doctor about all your allergies. It might consist of some allergens that could trigger a reaction.
  • A tincture form of Valerian root might have traces of alcohol. If you’re suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, or liver disease, consult your doctor before using this product.
  • Driving after consuming Valerian root is a strict no. Valerian root might make you feel sleepy and drowsy.
  • Do not drink alcohol after ingesting valerian root for sleep.
  • If you’re already on sleep medications, and/or tranquilizers, it is advisable not to take Valerian root with it.

Contrary to the commercial products available in the market and medications,  it is always advisable to take Valerian root in the right dosage for sleep. A major side effect of such over-the-counter medicines is the “dependency” on them. While Valerian root might be able to address these issues efficiently, you might want to try out other methods like exercising for as little as half an hour in the day, meditating, or taking a warm bath before sleep could help improve your health pattern.


1. How Much Valerian Root for Sleep?

Valerian root dosage plays a vital role in helping you sleep, although an overdose won’t be fatal but can cause discomfort. The dosage for sleep in the form of Valerian root pill is 300-600mg. However, do not take this if you’re already taking other sleeping pills.

2. How Long Does It Take for Valerian to Work?

Valerian doses of approximately 400-900 can be taken up  2 hours before bed seems to work best. Continuous use for several days, even up to four weeks, maybe needed before an effect is noticeable.


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