Does Anxiety Often Choke You? Try Valerian Root and Deal with Those Anxiety Bouts

Updated on September 19th, 2019

Valerian root is a herb that originated in Asia and Europe and is now grown in most countries. Valerian root has an earthy, strong odor, however, it works for anxiety due to its sedative effects. The name Valerian root is derived from the word ‘Valere’ which means ‘to be strong’ and ‘to be healthy.’

The use of valerian root for anxiety is highly recommended as it is natural and known to treat anxiety disorder, instead of alternatives like medications that are addictive. Stress and anxiety can disturb your daily life, and this makes it important to act upon. Easing out stress and anxiety is dependent on many factors like sleep, lifestyle, and diet which need to be altered accordingly. Similarly maintaining an ‘8 hours sleep pattern’ is equally important and can be induced with the use of Valerian root for anxiety.

Facts About Valerian Root

  • The pungent valerian root’s flowers have been used for making perfumes. 
  • Valerian root is known to increase concentration in children.
  • Valerian root treats sleep and digestive problems, headaches, and other disorders as well.

How Does Valerian Root Treat Anxiety?

The most common problem faced by most people is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is usually treated through medications, and unfortunately, they are addictive. Valerian is an excellent solution to stress, anxiety, and a lot of mental health issues with almost no harmful effects.

Valerian root consists of Valerenic acid, isovaleric acid, and is of the most calming constituents. It is rich in antioxidants and works on sleep and anxiety.  

It interacts with GABA (1)(gamma-aminobutyric acid), a chemical that regulates the nerve in your brain and nervous system. The GABA level plays a significant role in controlling the stress and anxiety levels. Valerian acid breaks down GABA in the brain. The antioxidants in valerian root, namely hesperidin and learn, promote a feeling of calmness in the body. Using Valerian root improves mental health by maintaining serotonin levels, a chemical in the brain that enhances moods. 

Isovaleric acid treats sudden muscle contractions just like Valoperic acid does, an ingredient present in medicines that treat epilepsy. The compounds in Valeric acid produce a chemical in your brain that pacifies your fears and calms down brain cells. 

With Valerian root for sleep, you’ll have no more midnight sleep agonies!

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Valerian root anxiety dosage and Methods

Valerian root anxiety (2) dosage plays a very essential role. It is vital for you to take Valerian root as pills as the dosage must be decided upon. Excess dosage should be avoided.

1. Valerian Tea

Valerian tea is an excellent way to treat stress and anxiety. Add three gms of dried valerian in a cup of boiled water. You can add cinnamon to it to cut off the pungent taste and consume this as a tea.

2. Valerian Root and Infused Lemon Balm


You can also buy a lemon-infused balm, and add valerian root to it. Use it as a balm on your forehead whenever you feel anxious. This has a very calming effect.

3. Dosage of Valerian Root

Dosage plays a very vital role in using valerian root for anxiety. You can take around 300 to 600 mg of liquid root extract or 2- 3 gms of dried valerian root.

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4. Valerian Root Capsule

If you’re keen on treating insomnia with Valerian capsules, you can take a dosage ranging between 400- 600 mg in the form of a tablet.

5. Valerian Root Water

Add 20 drops of Valerian tincture to warm water and drink it an hour before bedtime. An induced good sleep will calm your anxiety, making you feel rejuvenated.

sleeping after taking valerian

Valerian root has been known to cure anxiety issues. It eases agitation and helps in “worrying less.” Our mental health is equally vital as physical health. Both need to function in equilibrium. While many medicines can treat anxiety, it can also make you dependant on them. Weaning yourself off it and avoiding withdrawal symptoms is something you would want to choose. Try Valerian root for anxiety as it is natural, treats the condition by causing no side effects, dependency or health hazards.


1. Can You Overdose on Valerian?

This herb is popular as a sedative, but very little is known about its toxic effects.  However, Valerian overdose, 20 times the recommended therapeutic dose could be benign.

2. How Do I Take Valerian Root for Anxiety and Stress?

Valerian root treats a lot of mental health disorders, including OCD, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Infuse it with water in the suggested dosage and drink an hour before bedtime. A good night’s sleep is the best cure for your mind.

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