7 Lesser-Known Benefits of Turmeric for Weight Loss

Updated on December 13th, 2019
Weight loss

Do you get depressed looking at those fashion magazines and envying the models wearing clothes that you cannot even imagine to wear? Is your closet full of clothes that don’t fit you anymore but you keep them as a target for losing weight? Then this read is something that would be extremely beneficial.

Excessive deposition of fat in the body is one of the most usual health issues. Every 2nd person in the world is suffering from obesity or various other side effects of being overweight like high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc. It is essential to be conscious of your increasing weight and deal with it before it gets severe.

One of the most natural remedies to lose few extra kilos is turmeric.  It is one of the most used spices in general. The essence of turmeric is used in cooking, cosmetics and for medicinal purposes too. But turmeric for weight loss is a lesser-known fact. Read ahead to ponder your search.

7 Miraculous Benefits of Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric helps in reducing and controlling excess weight in various ways. The presence of many bioactive elements confers various medicinal advantages to turmeric. These elements endow turmeric with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that help to control weight. It also contains multiple other composite ingredients like volatile oils, vitamin B, vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, sodium, iron, protein, fibers, etc. These compounds possess several antibacterial, anodyne, calescent properties that provide immunity to the body against diseases.

Turmeric controls excess fat in the body and fosters the growth of white adipose tissue. It has a broiling effect which helps in burning extra calories and, thereby, reducing weight.  It helps to burn fat in the following ways:

1. Turmeric Forbids Accumulation of Fat and Quickens the process of Weight Loss

Turmeric for weiht

Excess accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue or other tissues in the body gets identified by increased weight or obesity. The white adipose tissue is known to accumulate excess fat mostly. The angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) in white adipose tissue needs to be regulated to taper this excess fat. Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin that helps to squeeze out extra fat from the adipose tissue.

A study also reveals that use of turmeric along with sulfur not only prevents accumulation of excess fat in the body but also boosts up the lipid silhouette of blood and liver in fat people.

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2.  Turmeric hastens Diet-Induced Weight Loss

Diet plays a vital role in managing the weight of the body. The amount of calories we consume daily has a significant impact on our physical health. Consumption of turmeric helps in diet-induced weight loss and accelerates the accumulation of excess fat in the body. It contains dietary fibers that assist in the reduction of weight and escalating weight loss. You can ingest turmeric in your regular diet in various ways like you can drink turmeric juice, turmeric tea, add it in your meals, etc. to utilize turmeric for weight loss.

3. Turmeric has Thermogenic Effect

Thermogenesis is a broiling mechanism that helps to burn extra calories in the body and encourages weight loss swiftly. Various researchers consider thermogenesis as a scientific and viable way to burn excess fat and regulate the weight of the individuals. Turmeric contains a compound known as Shogaols that facilitates thermogenic action in the body. Thus, turmeric is exceptionally beneficial in burning out excess fats from your body effectually.

4. Turmeric Vanquishes associated Inflammation


Many researchers have found the deposition of pro-inflammatory substances like IL-6, TNF-α, etc. in people suffering from the problem of excessive weight or obesity. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help in curbing these pro-inflammatory substances and assists in weight loss effectively. Using turmeric for weight loss is a great way to regulate weight, overcome inflammatory issues and prevent the medical condition of obesity.

5. Turmeric as an Anti-diabetic Agent

Turmeric assists in the treatment of diabetes as well. Overweight or deposition of extra fat in the body leads to diabetes, which can also be fatal. Turmeric acts as an anti-diabetic agent in controlling the removal of excess fat in the body. It is known to be a useful curative measure to treat and prevent diabetes. Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, also helps in providing resistance against diabetes linked with obesity.

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6. Turmeric Averts Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is another hazardous health result of obesity. Deposition of excess fats around the abdomen leads to metabolic alterations that cause metabolic syndrome, which results in severe heart problems, especially coronary heart disease.

Prevention of those excess fats reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome significantly.

Turmeric acts as an active agent to fight against metabolic syndrome and reduce weight. It defeats the problems of cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, triglyceride levels associated with metabolic syndrome.

7. Turmeric helps in dealing with depression


In some instances, depression or anxiety also leads to the condition of overweight or obesity which can have harmful effects on the patient.

Various studies have unveiled the association between obesity and depression. They say that obesity and depression have a direct relationship with each other, such that the increase in obesity leads to depression and vice versa.

Turmeric acts as an effective anti-depressant to overcome this condition. Curcumin escalates the level of serotonin and dopamine in the body which are known to reduce depression and facilitate healthy mental state. Also, it justifies the saying that sound mind resides in a sound body.

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How to use turmeric for weight loss through interesting DIY methods?

It is essential to know how to ingest turmeric in your regular diet to reduce weight. You can consume turmeric for weight loss in various ways to reduce excess fats from your body, such as:

    • One way to consume turmeric is to add it to your tea. For this, take one or two cups of water in a pot and boil it. Once the water starts boiling, add a pinch of turmeric to it. Then stir and pour it in a cup to drink.
    • You can also add turmeric to curries, rice nosh, desserts or other food items regularly to serve the intent.
    • You can also add it to hot milk and drink it to reduce weight. For this, heat the milk for seven to eight minutes on a simmering flame. Then add turmeric powder to it. Blend it and stir well to drink.
    • You can also drink turmeric and cinnamon tea to induce weight loss. For this purpose, you need:
      • One teaspoon of fine turmeric powder
      • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
      • Half a teaspoon of crisp mint leaves
      • 2 cups of water

Pour a cup or two of water into a pot and add cinnamon powder to it. Boil it till half of the water evaporates. Pour it into a cup and let it cool down to a moderate temperature. Add a teaspoon of turmeric and mint paste to it. Then stir the meld and drink it.

Cinnamon is an effective antioxidant, and it also assists in regulating blood sugar levels.

You can drink turmeric and Centella juice as well to diminish extra calories from your body. For this purpose you need:

    • One teaspoon of turmeric paste
    • One teaspoon of Centella paste
    • One cup of water

Add turmeric paste and Centella paste into one cup of water and store it in the refrigerator for one hour.  Then percolate the water in another cup and drink it. Centella helps in curing several skin allergies, improves digestion and cognition.

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When is the best time to consume turmeric for weight loss?

To attain fruitful results by the consumption of turmeric, you must know when it is the best to consume it.

  • You can drink turmeric juice or turmeric tea in the morning before having your breakfast.
  • And you can drink turmeric milk at night before going off to sleep.

Side Effects of Turmeric For Weight Loss

We all battle with this constant issue as to how much turmeric is too much? An overdose of turmeric can have specific side effects on your body. These side effects are as follows:

1. Stomach aches

Stomach aches

Due to the thermogenic action of turmeric, it tends to heat your body and causes inflammation in your stomach. It results in abdominal pain and painful cramps.

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2. The risk of causing kidney stones

Turmeric contains oxalates, which increase the risk of kidney stones. These oxalates lash the calcium to develop insoluble calcium oxalate, which is a primary reason for kidney stones.

3. It may result in nausea or diarrhea

The presence of curcumin might cause nausea or diarrhea post consumption of turmeric in excess. It is because curcumin tends to cause distress in the gastrointestinal passageway.

4. May result in an allergic effect


There are various compounds present in turmeric. You may be allergic to certain compounds which may result in rashes, itching, break out or minor breathing problems. Both ingestion or applying turmeric can cause allergic reactions if your body is not prone to it.

5. Deficiency of Iron

Consumption of turmeric in excess may refrain your body from absorbing iron. So, if you already have a lack of iron in your body, avoid the use of turmeric in your regular diet as it could diminish the capacity of your body to soak up iron.

How much turmeric should you consume during a day?

An overdose of turmeric leads to many health complications. To avoid such situations, you should stick to consume adequate amounts of turmeric during a day that would suffice the purpose. It is advisable to consume around 500 milligrams of turmeric in a day to soak up its anti-inflammatory properties and foster healthy gut to regulate your metabolism.


Turmeric is a boon to curb the problem of overweight if consumed wisely. Although, turmeric is not a magical spice to reduce weight. You must consume a healthy diet on a daily basis to lose weight and foster your health. If you rely on the consumption of turmeric only to serve your purpose, the results might not be very fascinating. So, follow the mantra: eat healthily and stay fit to achieve the best results by using turmeric as a weight loss agent.

The results of using turmeric for weight loss are by far intoxicating. You can surely use this most relished spice of all times to reduce weight and maintain your body. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, thermogenic, antimicrobial and varied other compounds not only help to reduce weight but also assists in the healthy growth of the body. You can use turmeric as a medicinal agent too. Turmeric is one of the most natural remedies to lose weight.


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