Reason why Tea Tree Oil for Ringworm can be a effective Treatment

Updated on October 31st, 2019
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Skin diseases are very commonplace, and it can be a real headache to cure them. One such skin infection is ringworm. The name ringworm might suggest it is caused by worms, but it is not. Ringworm or tinea or dermatophytosis, athlete’s foot is a skin disease caused by fungal infection.

This infection might affect nails, skin or even hair. Ringworm on the face is also very common. It can get complicated to get rid of ringworm once it infects a body part, but when you use tea tree oil for ringworm, this menacing skin problem is easily manageable.

About ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection. It is a contagious disease and can spread from skin to skin contact. This infection can occur in both humans and animals. It can also spread from animals like dogs and cats to humans. It also spreads by sharing objects like handkerchiefs or other products. It can occur at any age and can cause certain complications. The rash that occurs is ring-shaped and appears like a worm on your skin. That is why it is called ringworm.

Types of ringworm

There are various types of ringworms, such as:

  • Tinea corporis: Ringworm on arm, leg or torso.
  • Tinea pedis: Also known as athlete’s foot infects feet (soles).
  • Tine manuum: Affects hands.
  • Tinea cruris: Also known as jock itch infects groin area.
  • Tinea unguium or onychomycosis: Also known as nail infection infects nails.
  • Tinea capitis: Ringworm on the scalp.
  • Tinea barbae: Affects beard.

Symptoms of ringworm

It might look like other skin rashes, but there are specific symptoms which help recognise ringworm.

Symptoms include red or sliver rash, ring-shaped with a border etc. It might appear different on different body parts. On the scalp, it may start with hair loss and black dots and may result in thickened scalp or blisters. On feet, it is mostly patchy rash between toes.

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Risk factors for ringworm

There can be various risk factors responsible for a person being affected by ringworm including:

  • Contact with the affected person
  • Dirty hands
  • Keeping skin damp for extended periods
  • Contact with an affected animal.
  • Weak immune system
  • Nail and skin injuries
  • Sharing objects with an infected person such as towels, soaps, clothes or brushes.

Why use tea tree oil for ringworm?

tea tree oil

Ringworm rash is highly contagious, so it is essential to treat it on time. Various antifungal creams, lotions or drops can be used to treat ringworm. Antifungal shampoo is also useful in case of ringworm on the scalp.

These are prescribed by various health care experts and might take 2-4 weeks. They also have side effects as they contain chemicals. Different home remedies can be used to treat ringworm including using essential oils.

Various essential oils like lavender oil and tea tree oil can be used to treat ringworm. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties which help treat the infection. Coconut oil when mixed with tea tree oil becomes very effective in treating ringworm.

It can also be combined with anti-fungal cream to treat the rash. Various researches have shown tea tree oil to be effective in skin infections due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Tea tree oil for ringworm

There are two types of tea tree oils used for ringworm. They are different in their concentrations. The two types of tea tree oils used are:

Organic tea tree oil

Organic tea tree oil extracted from the plant is beneficial in treating ringworm rashes. As it is natural, it has very few side effects.

Pure tea tree oil

Pure tea tree oil is pure and is more concentrated. Precautions should be taken before using pure tea tree oil.

How to use tea tree oil for ringworm?

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil

Applying tea tree oil directly is very beneficial, but first, a health care expert should be consulted.


Tea tree oil


Wash your skin correctly and then apply tea tree oil on the affected area with a sterile cotton ball or q-tip.

Tea tree oil and coconut oil

This mixture is very active as coconut oil is also useful in treating ringworm.


Tea tree oil, coconut oil.


Mixing tea tree oil and coconut oil and applying on the affected area is very beneficial as both oils have healing properties.

You can also mix tea tree oil with your shampoo and wash your hair for ringworm on the scalp. You can also mix ten drops of tea tree oil in water and rinse the affected area for better results.

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Risk and side effects associated with tea tree oilsead:

Tea tree oil is very beneficial in various problems related to skin and hair. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is instrumental in treating this skin infection. But precautions must be taken before applying it. It is concentrated and should be used in small amounts or mixed with any other oil. The various risks of using tea tree oil for ringworm are as follows:

  • Tea tree oil should be combined with some other oil because it is very concentrated and can cause damage.
  • Tea tree oil is toxic and should not be ingested.
  • A patch test should be done before applying any tea tree oil.

Precautions – Do’s and Don’ts

  • Consult a health care expert before using it.
  • Glass containers should be used for its storage.
  • Only genuine products should be bought.
  • Use on children and pets should be avoided.

Other home remedies

home remedies

Various other methods can be used for ringworm:

  • Apple cider vinegar: It has strong anti-fungal properties and is used to cure ringworm. Apply directly on the affected area using cotton bud 2-3 times a day.
  • Turmeric: It has various healing qualities including antifungal properties. Mix in it in water to make a paste and apply on affected area. Wait until it dries. You can also drink turmeric water.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: – Take some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it over the infected area with gentle hands. Repeat it twice daily till you notice a visible improvement.

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Various skin diseases can be treated using tea tree oil. It is also very beneficial and effective in treating ringworm due to its antifungal properties. It helps with rashes and cures the infection. Care should be taken while using it as it can be toxic if injected. Tea tree oil for ringworm is a natural way to cure ringworm and is better in many ways than using antifungal medications.

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