Is Tea Good for Bronchitis?

Updated on January 3rd, 2020
tea for bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi of the lungs. A person who is suffering from asthma or allergens feels irritation in the airways.

So how are you going to treat such a condition? There are various medications to deal with bronchitis. But, it is always beneficial to look for a more natural solution to medical disorders, right? One of the most popular ways of treating bronchitis is by drinking tea.

Yes! Tea comprises of caffeine and it acts like bronchodilators. They help to clear the airway and allows a smooth flow of air to the lungs. Back in 1993, this was proved by Dr. Scott T. Weis of Harvard Medical School. He found that individuals who used tea for bronchitis suffered much lesser symptoms than the others.

Did You Know!

  • People drink different kinds of teas but they all come from the same plant Camellia sinensis.
  • Tea was originally discovered in China accidentally by Emperor Shen Nong.
  • Tea can help to provide relief and comfort from more than 20+ medical disorders like bronchitis.

Various Tea Preparations and How to Use?

Interestingly, there are more than 1500 types of tea around the world. But we will discuss the most effective ones that will help you to treat bronchitis. Have a look at them.

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1. Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of the most effective tea for bronchitis(1). It is popularly used in China and India because of its exemplary medicinal qualities. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger can effectively help to alleviate cough. Due to the spicy nature of ginger, the airways open up.

It also reduces inflammation caused in the throat or chest. Gingerol and school are the compounds that are responsible for such medicinal miracle.

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How to Use Ginger Tea for Bronchitis

Boil a pot of water infused with tea on the stove and add a piece of freshly cut ginger. You can also use a teaspoon of dried ginger if available. Now turn the heat to medium and simmer it for at least 5 minutes. Your ginger tea will be ready for consumption. You can also add a small amount of honey to make it even more effective.

2. Thyme Tea

Thyme Tea

Thyme tea is another brilliant kind of tea to cure chest cough and congestion. Thyme oil can be effectively used in order to open up the airways. The pleasant aroma of thyme tea is itself very refreshing. A study conducted in Germany found that thyme tea helped to treat acute bronchitis. Those who consumed thyme tea saw a 67.8% reduction in cough and blocked airways.

How to Use Thyme Tea for Bronchitis

In a cup of rapidly boiling water, you should add three spoons of thyme(2) and steep for 5-6 minutes. Since thyme has a strong essence, you can add a pinch of cinnamon for a sweet flavor. Now strain the tea into a cup and enjoy. You can consume thyme tea twice a day for best results.

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3. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea Benefits

chamomile tea is regarded as the ‘king’ when it comes to the treatment of cough and bronchitis. A cough is very often accompanied by a sore throat. Due to constant cough, individuals can experience inflammation or irritation in their throat. Drinking chamomile tea twice a day seems to be a very effective solution to the situation. It helps to reduce the inflammation and lubricate the throat.

How to Use Chamomile Tea for Bronchitis

In a pot of boiling water, you can add a teaspoon of dried flowers or two teaspoons of fresh flowers. Now let the flowers simmer in the pot for 5-10 minutes. You can boil the chamomile depending on the kind of flavor and strength of tea you want. You can add a small amount of honey or slice of lemon to add to the flavor.

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4. Honey Tea

Honey Tea

Honey works wonders when you want to get rid of blocked airways and congestion. Honey helps to suppress the inflammation and lubricates the airways. This allows individuals to breathe smoothly and much easily. Honey also reduces mucus and severity of the cough. A study found that honey helps to improve sleep which is often hampered due to a severe cough.

How to Use Honey Tea for Bronchitis

It is very easy to make honey tea. In a cup of boiling water, add one or two teaspoons of honey into it. Stir the water for 2-3 minutes and let it boil for 3-4 minutes. Now your honey tea is ready for drinking.

So these are the few best teas for bronchitis which will help you to get relief from bronchitis. These teas are easy to make and you can drink them for effective results.


1. What Kind of Tea Is Good for Bronchitis?

Ginger tea, honey tea, thyme tea, etc. are some of the most important kinds of tea for bronchitis. All these teams have brilliant compounds which are effective for bronchitis.

2. What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bronchitis?

Tea is one of the best natural ways of getting rid of bronchitis. It has no side effects but has miraculous benefits which provide relief from the disorder.

3. Does Bronchitis Go Away on Its Own?

Acute bronchitis can go away on its own at times. But that is not the same always. Many times individuals need to follow effective remedies for getting rid of it.

4. What Herbal Tea Is Good for Bronchitis?

Ginger tea and chamomile tea are the best herbal teas that are effective for bronchitis.

5. Is Lemon Good for Bronchitis?

Yes. Lemon is good for bronchitis. You can add a slice of lemon in some of the tea and enjoy the benefits.

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