5 Magnificent Spinach Juice Benefits for Good Health

Updated on November 29th, 2019
spinach juice benefits

Spinach, also categorized as one among the favorite super foods, is decked with an array of nutritious elements while keeping the calorie count to the lower side. Spinach can help impart better health for skin, bone, or even the hair being comprised of dark-green leaves(1). This fantastic vegetable comes with a good concentration of vitamins, iron, protein, and minerals. Many prefer to opt for consumption of raw spinach in the form of salad while many love to juice it up. Spinach juice benefits can bring in several beneficial changes to your daily health when consumed in a proper amount.

Spinach Juice Nutrition Facts

spinach juice nutrition facts
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Whether you opt for raw baby spinach or spinach juice, the benefits, and positive attributes are many. When it comes to nutritional value, spinach provides you with some of the most crucial elements needed by the body which includes iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, potassium, Vitamin A, and so on.

Lack of folate or iron content can affect the efficient utilization of energy in your body. With spinach, you get access to a rich iron source that helps alleviate any weakness in the body(2). Make sure you combine this drink with vitamin-c based fruits such as orange or lemon to improve the absorption rate.

On the other hand, magnesium helps with energy metabolism, proper nerve function, regular rhythm for the heart, healthy immunity, blood pressure maintenance, etc.

How Spinach Juice Benefits Your Health?

The amount of spinach juice nutrition you can obtain from a single serving astounding. The perfect concoction of several essential minerals and nutrients make this drink the healthiest ever. So let’s take a look at the list of benefits imparted by spinach juice.

1. Spinach Juice Helps With Diabetes Management

Spinach juice benefits include diabetes management. This vegetable contains alpha-lipoic acid which is an antioxidant that helps reduce the glucose level while increasing the insulin sensitivity. Additionally, this green dish helps with the prevention of any changes induced from oxidative stress that is most prevalent among patients who have diabetes.

2. Spinach Juice Benefits in Cancer Prevention

Spinach or any similar green veggies tend to house chlorophyll. Multiple studies including one conducted in the year 2013 over 12,000 animals revealed that chlorophyll is useful when it comes to blocking out the carcinogenic effects radiating from the heterocyclic amines.

When consumed regularly in a proper amount, spinach juice benefits with the prevention of rapid growth seen in the cancer cells.

3. Spinach Juice Benefits Bone Health

Calcium plays a crucial role when it comes to the maintenance of bone health. This mineral also serves as a vital molecule that helps with the proper propagation of signals to the heart, muscles, and nervous system. Spinach holds in a right amount of calcium that can aid your bone health.

Additionally, this juice has a proper amount of Vitamin K which improves calcium absorption while reducing the calcium leaving the body via urine with minimal wastage.

4. Spinach Juice Promotes Better Digestion

Spinach juice, when consumed with the pulp, houses a high amount of the insoluble fiber that benefits one’s health in multiple ways. It tends to add bulk to the food as it passes via our digestive system which eventually helps prevent any signs of constipation.

Further, spinach juice can also help the patients suffering from hemorrhoid to move the stool is a rather painless way with the presence of the right amount of fiber.

5. Spinach Juice Aids Healthy Hair and Skin

Spinach contains Vitamin A in a substantial amount that helps with the average production of sebum or oil from the pores of the skin. It helps with reduction of clogged pores that might otherwise result in acne or other skin issues. Additionally, spinach caters the right amount of iron content which helps with the prevention of hair loss.

The vitamin C found in spinach juice benefits for the construction & maintenance of the collagen which tends to provide a proper structure to hair and skin thereby decreasing any wrinkles or fine lines.

How to make Spinach Juice?

recipe of spinach juice
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If you are planning to learn how to juice spinach at home, you need to make sure that you opt for fresh spinach leaves to get optimum results. Wilted spinach or frozen spinach can also get used, but spinach juice benefits would reduce to a greater extent and won’t produce results as high when using the fresh soft leaves.

Spinach Juice Recipe from Scratch

Spinach juice recipe is easy to do all on your own. So get ready for a fresh new morning every day with a tall glass of tasty spinach juice.

  • You can either go for plain spinach juice or blend the same with apples to make it far tastier.
  • Wash the wild spinach leaves you collected from the local farmer’s market or your very own kitchen garden.
  • Depending on the consistency of juice you desire, add water in the blender along with the leaves.
  • Now blend for a minute or two till all the leaves are mixed along correctly with the water.
  • Now pick a filter and a container of your choice to pour out the juice.
  • Strain the juice by squeezing on the pulp with the use of a spatula until the pulp looks a bit dry.
  • Now serve this fresh juice as it is or with a few drops of lemon juice to make it even tastier.
  • You can also keep the remaining in the refrigerator but remember to consume fresh juice which is much healthier as opposed to the refrigerated ones.

Apart from juicing, you can opt to add spinach to your daily diet in various other forms which include salad, the creamy spinach dish, soup, etc.

Spinach Juice Side Effects

spinach juice side effects
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Spinach is easily one among the healthiest options when it comes to vegetables. With the power-packed nutrients it offers, one can without a doubt add this vegetable as a staple diet. However, excessive intake with no regulations can cause spinach juice side effects for individual patients that need to get monitored. Here are some of the known side-effects from spinach juice.

1. Spinach Juice and Poor absorption of minerals

Over consumption of the spinach juice can lead to poor absorption of minerals in our body. This plant houses a humongous amount of the oxalic acid that tends to bind along with several essential mineral compounds such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, etc. It leads to wastage of crucial minerals which might hamper normal body functions.

2. Spinach Juice and Stomach Disorders

Given the fact that spinach juice is excellent for digestion, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can start overloading our body with fiber. Our body requires some time to be accustomed to the addition of high fiber content. It is why slow and steady increase or maintenance of a perfect balance is highly necessary to avoid issues such as bloating, gas formation, cramps, and so on.

3. Spinach Juice and Kidney Stones

Spinach has a massive content of purines. It is a group made up of the organic compounds which upon ingestion gets converted to uric acid. It can be bad for kidney health. As a result of over consumption of purines, there is increased calcium precipitation in the kidneys which can lead to kidney stones.

The key to good health is always balance. Spinach can do wonders to your body when maintained in the required daily amount. So if you are unaware of the amount needed by your body, you can consult your physician for the same and indulge in a good dietary ceremony reaping the spinach juice benefits to the max.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can spinach juice help my skin from sun damage?

Spinach is a good source of vitamin B along with other crucial vitamins which include E, A, C, and K that tends to improve the skin texture while treating an array of skin disorders. Additionally, the spinach juice also aids in the protection of your sensitive skin from UV radiations. It promotes healthy healing of your skin which can be a result of sun damage, skin cancer, acne, or premature aging.

2. What should I consume: Spinach Juice or spinach seeds?

It is better to opt for the juicing option as compared to the consumption of spinach seeds. The seeds tend to be harder to chew or add to any other dish which is why people mostly opt for the easier version which is the spinach juice. You can, however, use the seeds to plant a whole new crop in your garden and take advantage of the fresh leaves that grow in the yard.

3. Does spinach juice help with inflammatory diseases?

Spinach is known to cater to impart relief from various types of problematic inflammatory diseases which include osteoarthritis, arthritis, asthma, and also migraines.

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