10 Benefits of Quince Fruit That Makes It a Perfect Addition to Your Diet

Updated on December 26th, 2019
quince fruit

Quince, also known as Cydonia oblonga. It belongs to the family of apples, pears, and other such fruits. It hails in Persia and Anatolia and is believed to have originated in Cydon, Greece. The fruit appears bright yellow color when it ripens.

It somewhere resembles the look of lemon but is bigger, and has a rough look. It is a hard fruit that grows on the short trees. In ancient Greek mythology, the quince was known as a pure fruit of Aphrodite which resembled the goddess of love and fertility. Benefits of quince are countless, and we can use it for various purposes.

Other than its appearance, it serves as an ornamental plant and bears flowers in beautiful pinks. The fruit when raw is green in color and has a bunch of greyish strands on it. Similar to the Rosaceae family that have nitriles in their seeds, quince seeds carry nitrogenous substances too. The quince which grows for commercial purposes has a smooth outer yellow coating around it.

Quinces: An Overview

quince fruits and leaves
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Quinces can only grow nicely in habitats of slopes, woodland margins, and rocks. It has the tolerance towards droughts and other surrounding environmental calamities. People tend to use it in many ways, and they come up with several beneficial ways to consume its plus points. When talking about consistency of nutrients, this fruit contains a great variety of essential nutrients that can serve you with many health benefits.

You can find this fruit in its native regions of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Western Asia, Afghanistan and parts of Iran. It is a shrub which does not need much attention. It is a robust plant that can survive in adverse conditions. The pulp of quince is a bit hard; you might keep the fruit outside to soften the pulp a bit.

Proper growth of the Quince requires a temperate climate. Hence, it grows in the places where there is a mild climate throughout. Talking about its history, the history of the plant has its roots in  Greek, as well as the Arabic region.

It resembles the shape of pear as well. You can include quince in various other foods and enjoy its characteristic taste and smell of vanilla that complements the flavor of orange.

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Nutritional Profile of Quince

The quince has a very high nutrient density; that’s why there are a lot of quince benefits that can make you grab healthy well-being. It helps in adding a glow to the skin and enhancing the health, It also contains various types of nutrient in different forms, such as – minerals, vitamins, phenolic compounds, and dietary fibers. It is a source of multiple rich girls, Vitamin C, potassium, zinc, copper, iron and nutritional and organic way of the treatment.

Here is a nutritional chart (2) for the nutrients present in quince

Energy 57kcal
Protein 0.4g
Fats 0.1g
Carbohydrates 15.3g
Dietary Fiber 1.9g
Calcium 11mg
Iron 0.7mg
Potassium 197mg
Magnesium 8mg
Phosphorus 17mg
Sodium 4mg
Zinc 0.04mg

Since the fruit has such heavy amounts of nutrients, it helps in reducing hunger. It’s healthy and one of the best natural ways to cure many of the illnesses. These phytonutrients have a lot to contribute to your body.

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10 Benefits of Quince Fruit

Considering all the studies/research related to them, here are the best ten benefits along of Quince

1. It Helps in Preventing Cancer

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Cancer is one among the incurable diseases across the world, and to stop its growth is a harder task. Quinces have a high anti-oxidant level which helps in keeping the body away from diseases and pathogens which cause severe diseases like cancer.

2. Helps in Losing the Weight

By choosing to consume it, you’ll find the fruit as a very effective way to accelerate weight loss. Since it can reduce hunger by furnishing all nutrient requirements. The reduction of hunger causes a decline in the habit of frequently eating. Hence, it can help in losing weight.

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3. Acts as an Anti-Inflammation Agent

The presence of Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the one who consumes the fruit. It is capable of fighting against various allergies and increases the metabolism of the immune system.

4. Removes the Feeling of Nausea and Stomach Related Disorders

nausea cure

Quince acts as an effective remedy for treating associated stomach diseases and the sense of Nausea. If you consume the fruit with honey, then it can help you in dealing with the intestinal issues, colitis, diarrhea, and constipation. The intake of its syrup can also treat the hemorrhoids.

5.Takes Care of the Skin

The role of antioxidants and vitamins is to exfoliate all the impurities from the surface of your skin. It acts as a protector, which can protect you from getting hit by the harmful UV rays. These help in repairing the damaged parts of the skin, along with removing wrinkles and making blemishes fade away.

6. Balances the Blood Pressure of the Body

Potassium plays a vital role in transferring all the liquid content throughout the body. It provides strength to the vessels and also mechanizes blood to pass through them quickly. It maintains a healthy balance of blood pressure in the body. Stable blood pressure further helps in reducing the chances of attacks, strokes and other heart-related problems.

7. Helps in the Treatment of Eyes and Liver

It lessens the consequences of suffering from significant troubles. Moreover, consumption of boiled quince seeds in the form of jellies also provides relaxation from the inflammation, sore throat and eye related issues.

8. Regulates Proper Blood Circulation and Hair Growth

hair growth
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Zinc, iron and copper present in the Quince tend to promote appropriate regulation of blood circulation. It maintains the oxygen level in the body which manages to improve the condition of the hair follicle.

9. Effective for Throat Problems

The rich content in the fruit helps in curing throat problems effectively and efficiently. It clears the passage of trachea, providing a clear pathway.

10. Useful for the Treatment of Ulcers

The Chinese quince is known for showing effective outcomes towards treating the ulcers. People who suffer from the problem of gastric ulcers can take benefits from it.

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Ways to Include Quince in Your Diet?

There are several ways to eat quince, but one cannot merely eat the raw ones. Since the fresh fruit of quince is dry and has a little different taste, boiling the fruit to make it more soft and pulpier, can help in enhancing the flavor, as well as properties of quince.

People generally do consume the fruit in the form of jams and jellies. One can also serve it as a side dish or use it in pasta too! There are many recipes (3) out there which include quince as the main constituent.


Here are the two DIY methods of poached (4) quince with a step-by-step procedure –

The First Recipe


  • Six large quinces
  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • One cinnamon stick
  • 1-star anise
  • Few cloves


  1. Take a saucepan and boil the peeled and cut fruits. Let it simmer.
  2. Add the other ingredients and let it cook.
  3. Serve it hot.

The Second Recipe


  • Some Quinces
  • Enough water to boil


  1. Peel and slice the quinces and place them in a saucepan.
  2. Set the heat up to medium-low and boil the quinces until they get pink in color.
  3. Once you see the pinkish color, turn off the heat and enjoy eating it!

Amongst all these Quince Fruits benefits, there lie the remarkable properties of the fruit. One cannot just turn away from such an incredible fruit. You can try out the quince in various ways and enjoy the recipes by leading a healthy diet and a healthy body Use the recipes to eat it in the best way and gain all the benefits at once. Make yourself healthy inside-out with this unbelievably healthy food today.

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