Do Neti Pots Works For Cold?

Updated on January 3rd, 2020
Neti Pot for Cold

A Neti Pot is a specially designed container used to clear the mucus or debris from your nasal cavity. It is naturally used for cleansing, protecting, and refreshing the nasal passages. Neti Pot is ideal for people suffering from colds and sinus problems. Using a Neti Pot for cold is a very popular home remedy which can treat the condition almost instantly.

According to the various surveys conducted, cold is one of the most common conditions which people suffer. Especially, children are mort likely to catch a cold as they are less immune to viruses. Children suffer from cold for approximately 4-5 times every year.

How to Use Neti Pot for Cold?

A Neti Pot is pretty similar to a teapot, which is shaped in such a way that you can easily pour the solution inside the pot. You should consider using saline water rather than regular water, as it may help in reducing the irritation during the usage process.

Take enough water in the Neti pot (approximately 4 to 5 liters). Add a teaspoon of salt to it and mix well. Tilt the opening of the Neti Pot in such a way that the water from it enters one of your nostrils and comes out from the other. Ensure that the water does not fall on your dress or becomes messy.

Let the solution flow through your nostril until the pot is empty. After the Neti pot(1) is empty, stand straight and breathe through both your nostrils in order to clear your nose. Repeat the process with another nostril as well.

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Why Use Neti Pot for Cold?

Do Neti Pots For Cold

Using Neti Pot for Cold(2) is one of the ideal methods for fast results. Neti Pot is a natural purification technique of clearing nasal passages. It easily treats unwanted nasal stuffiness and ensures clearing of the nasal passage. After the technique is performed, it clears the nostrils and allows free breathing during cold.

It finally removes the excess mucus present in the nasal cavity and even reduces the allergens or pollen, which can lead to a cold. When the saline water is poured through the nostrils, it relieves the dryness present in the nasal passages and reduces flu and cold symptoms.

Recent studies have proven that people who use Neti pot for cold are experiencing improvements in their cold conditions. The nasal irrigation helps in relieving the sinus symptoms and even asthma as well. It strongly helps in improving the health of the respiratory system and senses of taste and smell.

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How safe is Neti Pot?

Do Neti Pots For Cold

Neti Pot for cold is a natural method which possesses no side effect or danger. However, if it is used incorrectly, then it can pose a few problems. The chances of the serious problems are still rare though. It is advised not to use Neti pot for a longer term as it can make you vulnerable to the harmful sinus infections.

When Neti Pot is used for a longer term, it can reduce the mucosal lining present in the nose. The reduction of the mucosal lining makes your nose more vulnerable to infections. Consult your doctor first before performing the technique as in a few cases; it can also cause rashes on the nose.

The technique requires the usage of boiled, distilled, or sterile saline water for best results. You must always wait for about 4-5 minutes for cooling down of water as the hot boiled water can even hurt your nasal cavity.

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Neti Pots can highly help in relieving the allergy symptoms at a faster rate. The best thing about Neti Pot is that you can easily reduce the respiratory congestion right at home, without much hassle. Neti Pots are very easily available in the markets in various types such as Ceramic, Plastic and more.

Neti Pots have been a significant part of the Ayurvedic Medicine industry for more than hundreds of years. It is one of the trusted and tested methods. You must surely try it if you are struggling with a stuffy nose or want to get rid of cold fast.


1. What is a neti pot?

A Neti Pot is a home-based technique for relieving nasal congestion. The pot is designed in such a way that you can easily hold directed towards your nostrils. It can be bought from any medical store. It restores the easiness of breathing and works without any side-effects.

2. How is neti pot useful in treating a cold?

When you pour the saline solution from the Neti Pot through your nostrils, it clears off any unwanted congestion created in your nasal passage. It clears the whole passage and helps in flushing out the extra mucus created inside your nose.  Neti Pot provides the required irrigation to your nose and reduces the dryness.

3. List some safety tips for using the neti pot for cold.

You should never use too hot or too cold water as it can damage your nose. The water should be at room temperature or lukewarm for the best results. You must always clean your Neti Pot with antibacterial soap and hot water after each use to maintain the hygiene.

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