Is Meditation an Effective Solution For Anger Management ?

Updated on November 29th, 2019
Meditation for Anger

Anger is more than an emotion. It is a negative state. Calming the mind through meditation works. Part of the “fight-or-flight” response during anger harms you. It causes negative bodily reactions. Anger increases heart rate. It results in an elevated breathing rate and blood pressure.

Coping with anger is easy by using simple strategies. Meditation for anger promotes relaxation and calms the mind. It serves to raise inner awareness. Meditation ranges from the simple to the complex. Options include breathing exercises and guided imagery.

Why Use Guided Meditation for Anger?

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Over 50,000 thoughts clutter the human mind in a day. Meditation silences the inner critic. It transforms negative self-dialogue. Guided meditation for anger cuts down on labeling emotions. Emotions are seen from a distance. It involves rhythmic breathing and chants. It benefits you in more ways than one. Check them out.

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1. Handling the Impossible

Meditating makes it possible to manage everything. Whether it’s a missed deadline, a late flight, or an extended work meeting, meditation is the key to calming and controlling your reactions. Meditation for anger(1) induces detached mindfulness that lets you observe your thoughts and emotions calmly in emergencies or difficulties.

Controlling negative affective thought processes become easy. Studies show mindful meditation lessens anger. , Further, mindfulness meditation cuts down on obsessing about anger episodes in the long run and improves the mood in the short-term.

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2. Managing Problems

If there’s a problem looming up ahead, likely to evoke anger, meditation is the tool to moderate your response. Delving deeper into your mind for creative solutions is easier when you are in a tranquil state.

Parts of the brain triggering negative emotions such as the amygdala/ fear center of the brain benefit from meditation. Long-term meditation promotes mindfulness, which can change the mind and improve health, according to Harvard Medical School researchers. It controls the fear center of the brain.

3. Controlling Bodily Responses

A study showed that a single session of meditation could reduce signs of anger in people, even those new to meditation. Researchers examined 15 first-time meditators and 12 seasoned meditation experts. Their physical responses were measured in terms of breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Anger in people who did just 20 minutes of meditation resulted in a calmer and relaxed physical response.

This was especially when re-experiencing the negative emotion. For seasoned meditators, thinking about angry feelings did not bring any adverse outcome. Growing evidence, therefore, suggests short or long-term meditation can protect the body and mind from anger. The key is to respond, not react.

How to Use Meditation for Anger?

Meditation is a powerful tool for healing anger. But beginning a practice from scratch is hard. Most find it tough to control the mind. A 20-minute guided meditation may not be the best first step. So start with a two-minute routine. Work your way up to more extended meditation slowly.

Any meditation works well. But guided meditation practices like LKM/Loving Kindness Meditation(2) are the best. Regular practice increases compassion. It builds empathy. Focus on a chant as you breathe in and out. Stay in a relaxed posture. Concentrate as you meditate and improve your health.

Personal or group meditation can be helpful. Most yoga studios hold group classes. Try community centers or mental health facilities. Meditation builds patience to manage emotions. Anger is an emotion leading to aggression. Meditation can quell the bouts of fury. It is at the heart of anger management.

Powerful individual meditation routines can help. Professional interventions are equally useful. Health professionals or meditation specialists design these. They help one to identify a common factor in angry outbursts. Bouts of anger form a vicious cycle. To break this, use meditation for anger.

Applying principles of meditation can take practice to another level. Reflection impacts the response to anger. Always focus on staying peaceful.

Benefits of Meditation For Anger

During the meditation process, stress lowers. Moreover, energy levels rise. Health improves with anger management. Anxiety, depression, pain, and stress reduction.

Physical benefits include low blood pressure. Meditation balances the heart rate. Further,  lower levels of cortisol, lactate, and epinephrine are noted. Relaxed meditation slows the metabolic rate. Meditation also triggers carbon dioxide release. It promotes higher oxygen levels. Studies show meditation improves the blood flow to the brain. It improves circulation in the lower and upper cingulate brain. , It stimulates the brain’s executive attention network. Meditation leads to more gray matter. It signals the growth of new cells in the brain.

Use guided meditation for anger. From yoga to breathing exercises, there are many ways meditation works. Meditation helps to keep anger at bay. It promotes positive mind states. Meditation leads to peace and harmony.


1. What Are the Different Forms of Meditation For Controlling Anger?

Meditation can range from simple breathing exercises to chants. Guided meditation includes the use of positive images. Experts stress on the use of yogic postures. Guided meditation for anger is useful for coping with stress.

2. What are the Benefits of Meditation for Anger?

Anger destroys living cells. It triggers negative states. Anger is linked to elevated blood pressure and cortisol levels. It causes sleep disturbances. It promotes aggression. Meditation helps to counter these states. It works by changing the way the brain responds to stress. Meditation increases gray matter. It modulates responses to anger-inducing events.

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