Get Smooth Skin with Manuka Honey

Updated on December 23rd, 2019
Smooth and Glowing Skin

Honey, in general, has always been a good measure for different health conditions as it majorly shields against the harm induced by bacteria and can help grow special cells in our body.

Whereas, Manuka honey is specially made in New Zealand using the nectar of the Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium) which has unique attributes and properties than regular honey(1).

It is highly antibacterial because of the presence of Methylglyoxal in it making this honey a great source for curing bruises, acne, rashes, and even tooth decay. Using Manuka honey for skin works wonderfully and therefore if you use a lotion with having even a pinch of it, then you will observe a great effect on your face giving it an absolute velvety feel a great scent(2).

Manuka Honey Benefits for skin

1. It exfoliates your skin

Women have always had problems finding the go product for their everyday skincare as there is a huge market for skincare brands and products which confuses you to the cores of your knowledge with thousands of facial masks, exfoliators and facial kits which might not even give you the claimed results.

On the other hand, there is Manuka honey, a certified and natural help for exfoliating, unclogging openings and smoothing the texture of your skin.

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2. It keeps dry skin at bay

Even the expensive and quality products available in the market which are claimed to be the best items for our skincare routine fail to keep hydrating our skin for a longer period throughout the day making it look more dry and dull after a certain point in time.

Whereas, Manuka honey allows your skin to breathe, as well as gently smoothens, brightens and hydrates the skin as it can draw out moisture to the surface of your skin by regulating the pH levels side by side.

3. It can help heal acne


If you happen to be someone with a prolonged and persistent problem of acne on their face, this sweetener can help you get done these along with the annoying little pimples sprouting on your skin now and then.

The Manuka honey has awesome attributes and qualities along with honey’s anti-inflammatory properties because of which it is possible to say bye to the unwanted pimples and acne in a natural way.

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4. It can help reduce acne scarring

Acne is very disturbing and vexatious when it pops out on our skin during important events and big occasions, but there is nothing wrong to have acne on your face as it doesn’t hurt your magnificence but if you want to heal your acne you can use Manuka honey.

This sweet item has claims of healing and that is how it promotes skin restoration and rehabilitates the damage caused in the cells, which suggests that it does not only heal acne swiftly but can also diminish the occurrence of marks in the method.

5. It can help keep wrinkles away

As we know that it has great healing properties and could even heal acne, this unique kind of honey is crammed with a lot of vitamins, active enzymes as well as antioxidants that counterbalance free extremists which are mainly effective for the damage caused to your skin and has been conferred to support the organic increase in the quality of collagen skin cells for an awesomely tight and young-looking skin.

Additionally, there are a number of Manuka honey recipes for skin which you can try and make to easily get rid of your skin problems.

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How to use Manuka honey

1. Mask

The best way to apply manuka honey is by mixing it with cinnamon and applying it all over your face as a mask. You must first moisturize your skin, let it dry, and use a light coat of manuka mixed with a nip of cinnamon. Leaving the mask for 15-20 minutes will be appropriate after which you should rinse it off with cold water.

2. Cleanser

face cleaning with manuka honey

With a little amount of manuka honey, you need to add a few drops of warm water and then massage it on your clean face for continuous three minutes. After the cleansing process is moderately done you need to wipe off the application with a soft cloth or a sponge instead for added exfoliation.

3. Dark spot treatment

Use a little amount of it and mix it up with lemon and a pinch of cane sugar in it and then leave the mask for about 15-20 minutes on your face. If you are wondering how to use manuka honey for skin rashes, you need to just rub it on your face every day.

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Side effects of Manuka honey

Some people might have an allergic response to Manuka honey when applied it on their skin if they are allergic to bees. So patch test on thigh or hand to make sure you are not allergic.

The principal therapeutic value for manuka honey is on top of an injury. This special kind of sweetener is customarily applied for dressing secondary bruises and burns. Manuka honey is also sold for use in several skincare problems including many other health-related difficulties like in the prevention and treatment of cancer, balancing high cholesterol level, Treatment of sinus infections and gastrointestinal issues.


1. Can I Add Manuka Honey in My First Aid Box?

Yes, you can. Manuka honey has great healing qualities and that is why making a solution and applying it on the dressing to cover your wound can be very helpful to get rid of the pain and scar faster.

2. Can Manuka Honey Lose Its Properties If Heated?

NO, it does not lose its medicinal properties even if you heat it at a very high temperature. If it has the right UMF number it won’t be possible to degrade the level of its attributes in any difficult condition.

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