How Are Kalamata Olives Good for Your Health?

Updated on January 30th, 2020
kalamata olives

Kalamata olives are one of the most favored products that come from olive trees. They are rich in vitamins A, C, E, & K, iron, sodium, and fiber. Added antioxidant properties of these olives make them a vital source for cellular development. It also contains the right amount of fat needed for healthy regulation of the human body. Thus, making it a perfect dietary addition for reducing weight

How Is It Prepared?

Kalamata Olives are not pitted beforehand and hence fresh Kalamata Olives are bitter in taste and need to undergo a process of debittering:

Long process:
  • Make a slit in between the Kalamata Olives.
  • Ferment those olives by soaking them overnight in 10% saltwater. Soak them overnight in 10% salt water for fermentation.
Short process:
  • Soak olives in weak brine or water for 1-2 hours which debitters the olives. 
  • Later, it can be packed with brine, olive oil, or wine vinegar.

How Can You Include Kalamata Olives in Your Diet?

Kalamata Olives can be taken as a snack or as an appetizer before dinner. You can also add these Olives in different types of salads, casseroles, pizzas, pasta dishes, and even on mix platter with fruits. It is one of the best ways to favor the foods and get the most out of their health benefits.

Benefits of Kalamata Olives

1. Olive antioxidants


The phenols found in the Olives are the reason for lowering the chances of heart diseases. Along with it, the consumption of Kalamata Olives helps in protecting the body from free radicals and cancer.

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2. Anti-inflammatory

It contains oleocanthal(1), which is one of the phenolic compounds. It helps in boosting the powerful anti-inflammatory abilities in the body.

3. Nutritional value

It is ideal to consume low-salt versions of Kalamata Olives, which contain a high source of vitamin B, C, E, & K. They work together in boosting the immune system, collagen formation, preventing inflammation, regulation circulatory system, and various other health benefits.

4. Calories


Around three to five Kalamata Olives contain 45 calories. However, it has found that approximately 80-90 percent of calories in Kalamata Olives come from its healthy fat content. It is also known that olives contain omega 3 fatty acids, which can promote the health of the brain, heart, and eye health.

5. Monounsaturated healthy fat

2.7 grams of monounsaturated fat is included in 4 tbsp of Kalamata Olives. In addition to it, Kalamata Olives contains 0.3 grams of polyunsaturated fats, which are suitable for lowering cholesterol and reducing heart attack chances.

6. Iron

Undoubtedly, Kalamata Olives are rich in iron. Eating one olive can provide you around 2-3 percent of the daily requirement for dietary intake. Iron present in it also helps in increasing the oxygen in the blood plus alleviating anemia(2).

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7. Hydroxytyrosol

It is a potent polyphenol that helps in improving the vascular system. It also helps in protecting lower density cholesterol from getting oxidized, which is good for the body.

8. Oleanolic acid

It contains oleanolic acid, which has strong anti-tumor properties. In addition to it, oleanolic acid has great anti-inflammatory plus anti-microbial properties.

9. Gallic acid

It is a form of the phenolic acid which offers some antioxidant benefits. The presence of gallic acid in Kalamata Olives helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Anti-viral properties offered by Kalamata Olives are beneficial for health.

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10. Fiber

It has known that eating six olives can feature around half the fiber content as one orange. It protects humans from various chronic diseases and also reduces inflammation.

Kalamata Olives tastes quite bitter, which makes them unsuitable for eating alone. That is why; it is better to prepare first or consume the olives with some flavored fruits. This is an olive that helps and benefits your health.


1. Is it okay to eat olives every day?

Olives are anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals. So yes! olives are great for your health and can be consumed every day.

2. Are kalamata olives healthier than black olives?

Kalamata olives are abundant in the healthy fat found in olive oil. These fats may reduce your cholesterol and your chance of heart attack and stroke (Harvard Medical School).

3. Are kalamata olives probiotic?

Research and studies suggest probiotic strains – a kind of gut-friendly bacteria is found in Kalamata

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