How to get rid of a Boil in 5 Natural Ways?

how to get rid of a boil

Do you have boils on your body? Do you know that boils are not common? But being unlikely unlucky, you may experience boils on the body. They are not only unsightly but also cause itchiness and discomfort making it difficult to even to walk or perform your routine. However, if you are looking for how to get rid of a boil, this is the place to be as you can know the natural remedies to get rid of them without bursting boils.

What is a boil?

Boils can get referred to as an infection which begins in the oil gland of the hair follicle. Initially, boils on the skin cause the skin to turn red and further a lump starts to develop. After about seven days, the lumps turn into a white pus bump which accumulates under the layer of the skin. The most common target areas for boils are shoulders, armpits, buttocks, neck, and face.

What causes boils?

Usually, the boils are a result of a germ called staphylococcal bacteria entering the body through cuts in the skin or tiny knicks. Sometimes they also travel through your hair follicle.

  • Poor sanitary conditions have a significant impact.
  • Poor nutrition and weak immune system are vital causes.
  • Diabetic patients encounter it more.
  • If your skin gets exposed to harsh chemicals which irritate the skin

What are the symptoms of boils?

  • Red, hard, and painful lump develops
  • You may notice swelling
  • Sometimes it leads to a fever
  • You may have a swollen lymph node

What does a boil look like?

Boil appears like a white lump with pus sometimes which usually initiates with a red color and swelling on the area around. It may or may not be painful in the initial days, however, the pain increases with time.

Are boils similar to pimples? Well, if you think so, read on as you may be wrong about it.

How to Get Rid of a Boil Naturally?

1. How to Prevent Boils on the Back with Foods that help?

Reach out for the most accessible food: Onion

onions for boil

Onion contains sulfur compounds which have suitable properties to treat bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

How to use onion for boils?

  • Sliced onion
  • Surgical tape
The procedure of application:
  • Take the slices of onion and place them on the area affected by boils.
  • Seal the area with surgical tape
  • Let it stay for two hours
  • Wash off with warm water
  • Repeat this with a fresh slice each time in every few hours till the boil goes away

Benefits of onion

Onions contain antioxidants and flavonoids which protect and heal the skin from various skin infections including acne, boils, etc(1).

  • Use potatoes to treat a boil on face magically

Potatoes(2) are readily available in your kitchen. Look how we can use them.

How to use potato for boils?

  • One raw potato
  • A cotton ball
The procedure of application
  • Peel the potato and grate it
  • Squeeze out as much juice as you can from it
  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in the juice
  • Apply the potato juice with the cotton ball of the affected areas of the body
  • Let the fluid stay on the boils for fifteen minutes
  • Rinse off with regular water

Benefits of using a potato

They contain several compounds which have high antimicrobial and antibiotic agents which make your skin free from infections which are a significant cause of boils. Potatoes as well have natural bleaching properties which make sure that the boil does not leave any mark behind and fade away completely from the surface of the skin.

Other than these food applications, there are a few foods which help in the healing of boils, and there are some foods you must avoid. Swipe up to learn more on how to get rid of boils.

Best foods to treat boils effectively

These foods trigger the immune system and help to reduce the pain and inflammation due to a boil(3).

  • Include turmeric in your diet
  • Garlic
  • Sweet potato
  • High fiber foods like
  • Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A-like lemon, apple, oranges, etc.
  • Green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, ladyfingers, etc.

Foods to Avoid for Boils

Heavy and greasy foods enhance the speed of pus formation, hence should be avoided.

  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Cow’s milk
  • Cream cheese and cottage cheese
  • Buttermilk
  • Sugar foods like cookies, chocolate bars, biscuits, bread, rice, fruit juices, syrups, noodles, etc.
  • Alcoholic products and beverages like beer, wine, etc.
  • Junk food including pizzas, cakes, burgers, bread, etc.

2. How to Get Rid of a Boil on Labia with Herbal Treatment?

Neem is the best herbal treatment for a Boil on the Leg.

neem for a boil

Neem is also known as the Indian Lilac.

How to use neem for boils?

  • Fresh neem leaves
  • Water
  • Bandage or gauze
Procedure of application
  • Crush the neem leaves and grind them to make a paste
  • Apply a layer of the neem paste on the affected area
  • Cover the area with gauze or a bandage
  • Change the dressing on the boils after a few hours
  • Make sure you use a fresh piece of gauze
  • Continue to do the same until the boil heals

Benefits of using neem

Neem has potent antimicrobial properties which reduce all the chances of the growth of bacteria in the body and prevent the body from any harm and bacterial infection. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the pain and associated swelling of boils(4).

Precaution: Neem has a strong smell and effect. If you are allergic to neem, make sure do not use it on your skin or for ingestion.

3. How to treat boils on buttocks with essential oils?

Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils for boils

tea tree oil for boil

Tea tree oil(5) is very gentle and mild on skin and is an excellent remedy for skin infections.

How to use tea tree oil for boils?

  • Few drops of tea tree essential oil
  • A cotton swab
The procedure of application
  •  Take tea tree oil in a bowl
  • Take the cotton swab and dip it in the oil
  • Apply the oil on the areas affected with boils
  • Repeat the same for a few times during the day
  • Make sure to use a different and fresh cotton swab for all times

Other than tea tree oil you can also use black seed oil for boils treatment.

Benefits of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil kills the bacteria growing on the surface and controls their accumulation. It is harmless and can get used for sensitive areas like vaginal boils and boils on the breast. It also helps in reducing the boil scar which may be left behind even after the boil heals.


Make sure you do not bring the swab with an uninfected part of the body as the infection may spread. Use sterilized cotton swab.

The black seed for boils

Black seed oil(6) is an incredible essential oil for treating, health, hair, and skin related problems.

How to use black seed oil for boils?

  • One teaspoon of black seed oil
  • A cup of cold or hot beverage
The procedure of application
  • Add one teaspoon of black seed oil to your cup of beverage
  • Green tea or fruit juices work the best
  • Consume this beverage with black seed oil two times a day

Benefits of black seed

Its extensive application in pharma logical is due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which come to rescue you from boils as well. The best part about black seed oil is that it is both apt for ingestion and application.


Go for the most natural and organic black seed oil available in the market. Before starting to consume it regularly, watch out for signs from your body for acceptance of this remedy.

4. How to treat a boil with home remedies?

Get away with armpit boils at home with toothpaste.

toothpaste for boil

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Discover how to get rid of a boil with a simple to administer trick with toothpaste(7). Toothpaste is the first item we pick out as we wake up. Well, it might be surprising that the benefits of toothpaste are not limited to enhancing oral health. Toothpaste is a fantastic home treatment. From acne to a boil, toothpaste is helpful in healing it all.

How to use toothpaste for boils?

  • All you need is toothpaste
  • Cotton bud (optional)
The procedure of application
  • Take a cotton bud and apply the toothpaste to the affected area of the body
  • You also use your fingertip for the same
  • Let the toothpaste stay on the affected area for a few hours
  • Wash off after a few hours with regular water
  • Apply the toothpaste again on the boils with clean hands or a fresh cotton bud
  • However, make sure you do not make contact with the fingertip without washing on any part of the body
  • Also, prevent the contact of cotton bud with uninfected part of the body
  • For faster results, you can also let the toothpaste stay on the affected area overnight
  • Continue this for a day
  • The boil will probably burst in a day or so
  • Otherwise, continue to repeat the process until the boil bursts

Benefits of using toothpaste

It absorbs the moisture from the boil and causes it to burst faster than usual. It also provides a cooling sensation to the affected area reduces inflammation, redness, and swelling which comes in a package with boils.

Precaution: The toothpaste has an intense cooling sensation. If the impression causes burning more than usual, wash off the toothpaste immediately.

5. How to get rid of a boil on inner thigh with natural treatments?

Take an Epsom salt water bath for riddance from boils on body

epsom salt water bath for boil

Along with Epsom salt, you can also add apple cider vinegar to the hot water bath. Apple cider vinegar has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties which treat any skin infection on the surface of the skin and reduce it from occurring again.

How to use an Epsom salt water bath for boils?

  • Two tablespoons of Epsom salt
  • Hot water
  • Soft and dry towel/cloth
  • Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (optional)
The procedure of application:
  • Fill your bathtub with warm water adaptable for you
  • Add Epsom salt to the water
  • You can also add apple cider vinegar to it
  • Soak yourself in hot water and relax for about thirty minutes
  • Pat yourself dry with a dry and clean towel
  • Moisturize your body after bathing
  • Continue with this bath every alternate day until the boil bursts or pops
  • You can also take a cotton swab and apply Epsom salt hot water to the affected areas of the skin. However, a bath is far more relaxing and rejuvenating.

Benefits of Epsom salt water bath

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which reduces the moisture of the affected area and kills off any bacteria growing or accumulating on the skin. On the other, warm water is an excellent soother for sore thighs. It relaxes the body and cleanses the pores and glands of the skin making them clean and dry. And apple cider vinegar ensures a balanced pH level of the skin and makes sure that all the bacteria on the skin are causing boils to get effectively wiped off your skin.

Precaution: Before soaking yourself in the Epsom salt water, dip your elbow to check the temperature and see if you experience any irritation or itching.

Other than the above natural remedies for boils, a few home remedies if followed correctly, can fasten the healing process of boils on buttocks. Discover further how to get rid of a boil with home remedies.

Home remedies for boils treatment

  • Increase your volume of drinking water as it reduces the toxins and bacterial growth in your body and works efficiently on reducing the growth of boils on the body.
  • Use warm compresses on the boils to work on reducing redness, swelling, irritation, and itching on the body due to boils.
  • Substitute your regular soap with an antibacterial soap to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the body and to get rid of germs which cause boils.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on the affected areas of the body as they give relief from pain, reduce redness, enhance the healing process, and work as antiseptic. They also provide a cooling and soothing sensation to the affected area.
  • Apply a paste of baking soda and water to the boils on the body. Let the paste stay overnight or for as long as you can for faster and effective results.
  • Apply castor oil to the affected area to soothe redness and swelling of the boils.

While going forward with this natural remedies for how to get rid of a boil, make sure you keep in mind the necessary precaution to steer away from the side effects and harmful reactions which may come with the follow up of these remedies in some cases. Take a look at the following precautions to avoid the effective negative response:

Precautions to look for

  • Do not apply the essential oils on the skin without diluting them with a carrier oil or with water as they may cause irritation, itching, and stinginess on the surface.
  • Take a patch test on the back of your hand before applying anything on your body, especially on sensitive areas like breast, vagina, face, etc.
  • Do not use extremely hot or cold water for compresses. Make sure the water is lukewarm. Boiling water may cause burns and increase the problem.
  • If the problem persists and the home remedies or natural remedies do not help, make sure you consult your doctor immediately and go for the necessary treatment.

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Boil vs. Pimple

Although both pimples and boils are skin infections, however, they are profoundly different from each other due to the reason of causes.

  • A boil is an infection outcome stored as a pocket in the skin, whereas a pimple is a localized, tiny infection in a single oil gland of the skin.
  • Boils occur due to infected hair follicles or bacteria exposure or skin cuts or open wounds on the body whereas, pimples are caused due to overproduction of oil, hormonal changes, and blocked pores.
  • Pimples usually leave a mark behind whereas boils may not leave any marks behind if treated adequately.
  • They might appear as a big of a problem, but easy is the answer to how to get rid of a boil. Discover them with natural remedies without popping boils.

With patience and persistence, any disease and condition can get treated. All you need is a little tip from the right source, and a sincere follow up for curing and healing the skin infection. Boils are not at all harmful; you may as well decrease and prevent them overall with these natural remedies and get rid of them on a permanent basis. Hope your search for how to get rid of a boil ends with this article.

Make sure you follow the steps included and look for the necessary precautions. With that said, pave the way for a boil free skin.

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