How to Cure Abdominal Strain – Abdominal Strain Treatment

home remedies for Abdominal strain

Many a times, while excessive exercising or while playing some sport with an improper technique, the muscles in the abdomen can be strained which might cause a tear in them. Even fatigue or lifting too heavy weights might cause such an injury.

Since the abdomen muscles constitute of the core muscles of the human body, an injury of the sort of a full tear of the fibers or even a partial one will result not just in excessive pain but also impair movement to quite an extent.

These tears are mostly of a microscopic nature but at times they might actually take a turn for the worse.

Mostly an abdominal strain is accompanied by feelings of soreness in the muscles, discomfort in movement, swelling, and bruising as well as muscle spasms. Even slight twisting of the body or flexing the muscles will result in certain level of pain.

There are a few things that need to be done to treat such a strain.

Determine the Extent

It is necessary to find out which grade of an abdominal strain it is to rule out serious injury as well as to start proper medical treatment for it. It might be a mild strain that is caused by the excessive stretching of the muscles, a partial tearing or even a full blown rupture of the core muscle fibers.

Take Rest

Women Taking Rest

Since, putting your abdomen muscles in a splint is not an option, it is highly suggested that you avoid any kind of strenuous activity including exercises because in such a condition, the most important treatment is absolute rest to the muscles.

If any kind of inflammation is present in and round the injured muscles, it is suggested that you restrict your movements as much as possible till the swelling has subsided, even though it is not humanely possible to remain stationary for a long period of time.

And if you have to move, make sure not to stretch the muscles too much since that will only result in renewed pain and might aggravate the injury.

Cold and Warm Compress

A cold compress has been known to be a sure shot treatment in relieving pain and inflammation in any kind of abdominal muscle strain and thus, it works great for your stomach as well.

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You might want to apply an ice pack to the injury or even apply ice wrapped in a towel every hour for the first 48 hours after the injury to bring down the swelling. A cold compress is great for reducing the pain as well.

After the swelling has subsided, you might also consider applying a warm compress or a heat wrap since that is known to soothe the sore muscles of the abdomen and help loosen and relax them as well.

Over-the-Counter Drugs

It is advisable to take some over-the-counter drugs that would help if the inflammation is too much or to get instant relief from the pain.

Also, getting a scan done is necessary to gauge the extent of the injury and then take proper medication as per the doctor’s suggestion.

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