8 Top Health Benefits of Baobab

Updated on February 10th, 2020
health benefits of baobab

A hot superfood baobab, with its roots in Savannah Africa, is gaining immense popularity around the world recently. In its native country, baobab has been healing and feeding people for years.

Baobab is also known as the fruit of ‘Tree of Life’ in Africa. It is the only fruit in the world which tends to dry up on its own on its branch itself. With an enclosure of a fantastic store of nutrition, the health benefits of baobab are innumerable. Talking no further, take a look at what baobab is.

What is baobab?

The baobab tree is an excellent reservoir. Baobab is a fruit which has a sweet and tart taste. The fruit dries naturally white it hangs on its branches. With a white pulp, the fruit then gets converted into a powder texture. People consume baobab as a fruit, as baobab juice, as baobab tea, and also the oil extracted from it.

It is worth noting that baobab is a potent ingredient for a healthy diet, nourishing hair, and fantastic digestion. Let us take a look at the nutritional facts and further move to the health benefits of baobab

The nutrition profile of baobab (per 100 grams)

Nutrition #
Calories 343
Protein 13.3 grams
Sugar 16.9-25.3 grams
Carbs 71.5 grams
Water 10%
Fat 4.4 grams
Omega 3 0.08 grams

Along with being an enormous store of nutrition, there are numerous health benefits of baobab still left unsaid. Read on to discover them all.

Health Benefits of Baobab

1. Baobab is a source of vitamin C

Baobab is a source of vitamin c

Baobab fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and contributes to the release of energy in the body. The human body cannot make vitamins on its own, so it’s vital to include in your diet a good intake of the same. Baobab fruit benefits the body by creating 33% of the daily requirement of vitamin C in the body(1). Vitamin C in baobab also helps in enhancing the immunity of the body along with defending it against various infections.

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2. Baobab enhances digestion

baobab for enhances digestion

Baobab compiles of 34% of dietary fibers. The fibers indulge in improving the digestive system of the body and stimulate the metabolism as well. The fruit tends to control the release of blood sugar and maintains the glucose levels in the body.

3. Regular intake of baobab improves iron deficiency

Over 30% of the people in the United States of America have a deficiency of iron. Baobab with its high content of iron is efficient in dealing with the same. Instead of artificial supplements, baobab absorbs in the body quickly and quickly, and, thus makes the proficient in iron and other missing vitamins in a better way than any other synthetic supplements(2).

4. Baobab is rich in probiotics

baobab is rich in probiotics

Most of you must be familiar with probiotics. For those who are unaware, probiotics are the good bacteria found in foods such as kimchi, yogurt, etc. probiotics play a vital role in stimulating our health and play an equally important role in improving your digestive system. The dietary fibers of baobab contain an intense amount of prebiotics which helps in the improvement of the metabolism of the body and stimulates growth.

5. Baobab helps to improve the texture of the skin

Hear close all the girls out there! Not only just internal enhancement gets stimulated by baobab, but it has its own set of benefits in making your skin look gorgeous and radiant. Encounter a beautiful face with the baobab juice and tea for extraordinary skin benefits. The baobab powder has a lot of antioxidants which bring the long-lost glow and makes your face exceptionally beautiful(3).

6. Baobab is advantageous for pregnant women

Baobab  is advantageous for pregnant women

For ladies who are conceiving and looking forward to a healthy baby, baobab works wonders. Pregnant ladies are advised to consume 85 grams of vitamin C every day. Baobab powder plays a vital role in providing the same which further helps in supporting and developing the structure of the baby’s body and organs.

For new mothers, who have just had a baby, baobab fruit is an absolute food to recover their health and make sure their body has the required amount necessary iron and vitamin content.

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7. Baobab maintains the body pH level

Baobab is a highly alkaline food item available. Thus, its basically maintains the pH level of the body and keeps our body hydrated.

8. Baobab oil benefits for hair and hair growth

baobab oil benefits for hair and hair growth

Do you not wish for more extended and smoother hair? Of course, you do. Listen up pals for if you are on a lookout for healthy hair for baobab oil for hair growth is miraculous(6). It reaches the roots and strengthens the hair making the grown longer with less breakage; it also works on smoothening the texture of the hair and makes them shiny and silky.

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How to use baobab?

For acknowledging the health benefits of baobab, it is necessary to use it an accurate and regular manner.

  • Add baobab powder in your smoothies
  • Sprinkle baobab powder on your fruits, salads, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, etc.
  • Consume baobab in the form of tea or juice
  • Blend baobab powder in soups, sauces, salad dressings, water, etc.
  • Baobab fruit powder is available in itself as an energy enhancing powder, fruit chews, energy bars, protein powders, and much more
  • For skin and hair, you may want to switch to baobab oil or baobab juice

Precautions/Side-effects of Baobab

Baobab is considered as a safe fruit for consumption as much research has not yet done regarding its side-effects. However, baobab is an excellent source of vitamin c and excess consumption of it above the tolerance level, i.e., 1000mgs/day might result in stomach cramps, flatulence or diarrhea.

Baobab Golden Smoothie Recipe

Here is sneak peek to a mouth-watering baobab thick smoothie to enjoy the health benefits of baobab.


  • One banana
  • One tablespoon of flax seeds
  • 180 grams of blueberries
  • 100 ml of yogurt
  • 15 grams of baobab fruit pulp
  • 200 ml of apple juice


  • Add apple juice and yogurt in a blender
  • Blend till its smooth
  • Add flax seeds now
  • Add baobab pulp, blueberries, and banana
  • Blend again till smooth
  • Pour into glass
  • Dress with honey (optional)

Baobab is a powerful and miraculous fruit that is helpful for you in recreating a healthy diet and routine. For nurturing the great health benefits of baobab, a great body and skin, include this hot superfood in your diet and empower your journey of a healthy lifestyle from today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is baobab alkaline?

Yes, baobab is one of the highest alkaline food items in the world.

2. Is baobab safe during pregnancy?

Yes, baobab is extremely helpful and beneficial in pregnancy. However, make sure the pregnant person is not allergic to baobab.

3. How does baobab powder taste?

Baobab powder has a sweet and tart taste.

4. Can you eat baobab seeds?

Yes, the baobab seeds are edible. You can have them as it is or dry it in the sun and roast it before making powder or it can be boiled and fermented too.

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