Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Updated on November 21st, 2019
foods to avoid with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are also known as the swollen veins found in the lowest region of your rectum and the anus.

Hemorrhoids tend to happen in individuals who are having infrequent bowel movements. Thus, to get away with hemorrhoids, it is best advised by the experts that you stay hydrated and eat more and more fiber. There are some foods that aggravate hemorrhoids, avoiding them at the initial stages could help ease the hemorrhoids symptoms(1).

Here, we will discuss some foods to avoid with hemorrhoids to help prevent the pain associated with the same.

Foods to Avoid With Hemorrhoids

One of the most natural ways behind reducing the pain associated with hemorrhoids is to prevent constipation. Thus, avoid foods that cause hemorrhoids.  These foods include:

1. Fibrous Foods

Why Should You Avoid This?

Everybody instructs you to eat more fiber to reduce constipation. Still, the excessive intake of fiber is not soothing for the hemorrhoids outbreaks as fiber contributes to the bigger stools, which exerts pressure on your intestines. And it is not an ideal situation for a person with hemorrhoids.

What Can You Have Instead?

Don’t take any fiber supplements to avoid constipation and limit the intake of fibers in your diet. Stay more hydrated to relieve the pain.

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2. Processed Foods

Why Should You Avoid This?

Processed foods are also not healthy or natural to digest food items and may cause inflammation in your stomach. It also causes constipation, while the processed foods items are also rich in unhealthy fats and contain lots of salt, which are not feasible for hemorrhoid pain.

What Can You Have Instead?

Replace the processed foods with enriched grains and whole grains food items.

3. Alcohol

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Why Should You Avoid This?

Alcohol should be restricted to a very little limit because it is known as the dehydrating agent, which may lead to constipation and may also upset your digestive balance.

What Can You Have Instead?

You should restrict the intake of alcohol to a maximum of two gasses only.

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4. Dairy Foods

Why Should You Avoid This?

Dairy foods can also cause hemorrhoids and promote constipation too. Usually, dairy items don’t cause obstruction all alone, yet they can add to constipation uneasiness and torment during hemorrhoid flare-ups.

What Can You Have Instead?

Reduce the dairy intake to limited quantity when you are suffering from hemorrhoid outbreaks.

5. Salt

Why Should You Avoid This?

Salt is the most dangerous food item that irritates hemorrhoids(2). Salt is also a dehydrating element and can cause constipation or pain during the poop. Thus, the excessive intake of salt may also slow down your digestive system while making your bowel movements even more painful.

What Can You Have Instead?

It is best to avoid or reduce its intake to a very less quantity.

6. Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-Fried Foods

Why Should You Avoid This?

Fried foods items are not considered healthy in any case, and thus during the hemorrhoids outbreaks, it is also advised to avoid the deep-fried foods. They are high in fat content and may cause inflammation in your stomach, which may cause irritation while passing stool.

What Can You Have Instead?

Replace the fried food items with boiled or baked food items as they may help in easing out the pain of hemorrhoids flare-ups.

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7. Spicy Foods

Why Should You Avoid This?

Spicy foods may not cause hemorrhoids in your body. But in the case, if you have the swollen hemorrhoids, then you should not eat the spicy items as spicy food may also make your bowel movements more painful, especially in the case if the hemorrhoids are sore or bleeding.

What Can You Have Instead?

It is advised to stay away from the spicy items for a few days till you have pain in your hemorrhoids.

8. Refined Grains

Why Should You Avoid This?

Refined grains are also not rich in fiber and may cause constipation and stomach ache to you. Thus, it will make any hemorrhoid flare-ups increasingly difficult and can add to the agony.

What Can You Have Instead?

Avoid white bread, white flour, and other refined foods items, replace them with whole grain, and enriched grain items.

9. Unripe Fruit

Unripe Fruit

Why Should You Avoid This?

Well, it is always advised by the experts to eat ripe fruits as they are more healthy and beneficial for your body, whereas unripe fruits should be avoided, especially if you are suffering from hemorrhoids pain. It is because unripe fruits are not easy to digest.

What Can You Have Instead?

Always eat ripe fruits during hemorrhoids to get the best results and to prevent the pain during the same.

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Hemorrhoids or pills may cause a lot of discomfort, and thus, if you have hemorrhoids, you would prefer not to do anything that will worsen your condition.

Other than this, add more fiber in your diet to avoid constipation.

Therefore, it is imperative to be very careful about what you take during your hemorrhoids breakout phase. So avoid the foods which we just have discussed above to reduce its pain. And add the food items which may be highly beneficial for you. It will not only help you in your current hemorrhoids outbreaks but also prevents future outbreaks too.


1. What Are the Best Foods to Have When You Have Hemorrhoids?

You can have

Legumes, lentils, black beans, lima beans, and baked beans.

Whole grains, such as barley, bran flakes, oatmeal, and brown rice.

Vegetables, such as artichoke, green peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

Raspberries, pears, apples, and bananas.

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