Who we are?

How To Cure is a profusion of alternative/holistic medicine; We provide extensive information and curate the ever-evolving niche of this genre of medicine. We aim to provide remedies, panacea and medically backed counteractants that could affect our reader’s life in a pre-eminent manner. At How To cure, we aim to provide factual content that is referenced and reviewed by experts from diverse fields who have immense experience and knowledge about their niche.

Our CAM Experts

We currently house content on diverse verticals, ranging from health conditions, natural remedies and foods that could change the way our readers treat their ailments. In the search for providing medically factual and scientifically relevant content, we have partnered with several experts from their respective fields to offer medical authenticity to our data

Dr. Millie Lytle

ND, MPH, Mind-Body-Soul Medicine

Dr. Millie is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of Nat Med Coach. She is a published researcher and author of Eating for Meaning, Read more...

Mounota Rahman

Dietitian-Nutritionist, Writer & Blogger

She liberates people from dieting by offering them practical solutions to eating healthy & moving more, allowing them to live in a confident & energetic way

Pandit Dasa

Mindful leadership Expert

Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership Expert. He has spoken on Mindful Leadership and conducted workshops at Google, IBM, JPMorgan, Read More...

Dr. Scott Johnson

Natural Medicine Educator & Author

Dr. Scott Johnson tirelessly explores the solutions Mother Nature has provided & the science that reveals how these solutions help you be your healthy self, Read more...

Keri~Ann Laurito

RYT/E-RYT/Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist/Wellness Educator

Teaching has led her to New York City, Ireland, Italy and San Diego where she was teaching yoga to the Navy/Marines. Read More

Leslie Gail

Essential Oil Educator & Advocate

Leslie Gail is a Holistic Health Coach, published Author and Essential oil expert. With over twenty years in the health and wellness industry, Read More

Dr. Casey Sinclair

Chiropractor & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Casey Sinclair, D.C. is a leading holistic healthcare doctor trained in functional medicine. Read More...

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