9 Interesting Essential Oils That You Need to Try to Cure Insomnia

Updated on February 10th, 2020
essential oils for insomnia

Insomnia has become common among the people these days. People we see, like everywhere, have insomnia, mostly. It is growing day by day. Insomnia is nothing but sleeplessness as in the person who has insomnia suffers from falling asleep or staying asleep for a long time, this directly leads to a lot of health problems. This situation can be alleviated to a great extent by the use of some of the most effective essential oils for insomnia.

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Types, Causes, And Symptoms

  • Acute insomnia: Acute insomnia causes mainly because of some stressful events that happened in our life.
  • Chronic insomnia: Chronic insomnia is the matter of long-term. Usually, the people with chronic insomnia have the life history of sleeping difficulties.
  • Comorbid insomnia: Comorbid insomnia, basically, associates with anxiety, depression, stressful life events and so on.
  • Onset insomnia: As the name gives a clue, this insomnia includes difficulty in falling asleep at the beginning of the night.
  • Maintenance insomnia: Unlike the last one, it highlights difficulty with sleep if a person wakes up in the middle of his or her sleep.

Other than the various types of insomnia mentioned above, some other forms of this problem are also observed such as Chronic Insomnia, hormonal insomnia, toddler insomnia, extreme insomnia, menopause insomnia, anxiety insomnia, and excitability insomnia.

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What Essential Oils are Good for Insomnia?

Insomnia occurs for a person when they have anxiety, stress, or depressed of the events that happened in their life. It is a fact that insomnia causes more difficulties for women rather than men.

Insomnia is manageable with various strategies such as sleeping and waking up at the same time, giving yourself the mental boosts in the process of escaping from whatever stresses you are in. But here are some highly effective essential oils for insomnia, which are very useful to help you relieve from your condition.

Top 9 Essential Oils For Insomnia:

You can find attached below a few essential oils which are suitable for curing insomnia.

1. Cedarwood Oil For Insomnia

People use cedarwood oil in the hope of getting a better development, and it helps you to get mended also. Cedarwood oil is all about its scent.

Why One Should Use Cedarwood Oil For Insomnia?

Cedarwood oil has a woody scent which relaxes your body and lets you have a much-needed sleep. It can release tension from your body and benefits you in many ways. Since sleeplessness is the root of many health defects, it can effectively prevent you from them.

How To Use Cedarwood Oil For Insomnia?

Since it has the woody smell, it can be mixed with lavender oil and used by people who don’t like its scent. You can apply it on the feet as It relaxes the muscles of the body. It can be applied anywhere on the body, preferably feet as it loosens the tightened muscles and helps you get to sleep.

2. Lavender Oil For Insomnia

lavender oil for insomniaa

Lavender oil is known for its smell. It is an aromatic product for a reason. It benefits us by mixing with other oils and can also be used as a single oil too. It relaxes your body and muscles to let you have your sleep.

Why One Should Use Lavender Oil For Insomnia?

Many health experts believe that lavender oil(1) is used as a relaxing agent for your bed routine since it calms you down a lot. When a person is angry or stressed his heartbeat accelerates, lavender oil helps to soothe the pulse to normal.

How To Cure Insomnia Using Lavender Oil?

Take a few drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms and rub it on the feet, palms, wrists, arms or anywhere to relax your muscles. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and inhale it. When you inhale its scent, your body relaxes instantly, which will, for sure, lead to the good night sleep.

3. Vetiver Oil For Insomnia

Vetiver oil is popularly known as Khus oil. It has a fragrance of Earth, and it plays the role of calming you down.

Why One Should Use Vetiver Oil For Insomnia?

Calming down is the excellent remedy for many illnesses. When you calm down, your anger reduces, and you get relaxed to think or do anything. It also helps in anxious department too. Hence, vetiver oil is prominently helpful for stress and tension reliefs. It lifts up your mood and leads you to have a proper sleep.

How To Use Vetiver Oil For Insomnia?

Take a few drops of vetiver oil and rub them on your wrists, neck, arms, chest or your feet. Its scent relaxes the body and helps you have a good night’s sleep. Jojoba oil offers a right combination of vetiver oil. Mix a few drops of both of them and apply on the bare skin.

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4. CBD Oil For Insomnia

CBD oil for insomnia

CBD oil acts as the pain reducer in our body. It relieves us from stress and tension for good measure.

Why One Should Use CBD Oil For Insomnia?

Relaxing our muscles to lose up our anger or anxiety is the attribute of CBD oil. It is consumable orally. It is very beneficial for everyone and helps one to have their sleep like a normal human being.

How To Use CBD Oil For Insomnia?

Take a few drops of CBD oil and take them orally, it can be in the form of a paste or liquid. Before swallowing the oil, first, hold it under your tongue. After consuming the oil, it might take 20-40 minutes for the action to kick in.

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5. Sandalwood Oil For Insomnia

sandalwood oil for insomnia

Sandalwood oil is beneficial as well as easy to use. It has the uses that are too many to count.

Why One Should Use Sandalwood Oil For Insomnia?

It can help you relieve the stress. It is an aromatic therapy that can be followed by many to get developed. It soothes your body and helps you enjoy a sound sleep which is refreshing and rejuvenating.

How To Use Sandalwood Oil For Insomnia?

It can be inhaled directly from the palm and narrow down the stress, or otherwise, it can be applied to the body directly. Apply it on the wrists, arms and the places you could reach. Massage of sandalwood oil is an excellent way of relaxing too. Hence, it can be opted to get a good result.

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6. Roman Chamomile Oil For Insomnia

Roman chamomile oil(2) can use as the relieving agent. It provides an ample of reasons to use it.

Why One Should Use Roman Chamomile Oil For Insomnia?

It soothes your body where you apply the oil. It helps with the relaxation and calming yourself down. For sleeplessness, it is an adequate remedy. Roman chamomile oil is used as the stress and tension reliever.

How To Use Roman Chamomile Oil For Insomnia?

Take a few drops of the oil. Mix with few drops of other oil like lavender oil for it’s a pleasant aroma. Apply the mix on your body. Especially on your feet to get better rest in the night. You could massage your body with this oil as it gives a tremendous amount of relaxation.

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7. Marjoram Oil For Insomnia

marjoram oil for insomnia

Marjoram reacts similarly to the lavender oil and Roman chamomile oil. It plays a vital role in reducing pain which might be the reasons, sometimes, for insufficient sleep.

Why One Should Use Marjoram Oil For Insomnia?

It keeps your body away from stress and tension. It provides the soothing feeling to the entire structure of the body. Since it can let us have a proper sleep, it is recommendable for the insomniacs.

How To Use Marjoram Oil For Insomnia?

A few drops of oil are needed. Cup your hands and take a few drops. Rub your palms together and apply it on the body,  preferably feet for a relaxing massage. Massage gently before going to bed for a sweet sleep.

8. Ylang Ylang Oil For Insomnia

ylang ylang oil for insomnia

It is a wonderful oil for stress relieving and anxiety. People who are suffering from insomnia are highly recommended to use it.

Why one should Use Ylang-Ylang Oil For Insomnia?

It has a fruity odor that attracts the people’s attention; more likely divert them from getting stressed and depressed. It turns a person from getting sad to happy within in the matter of seconds, which is very impressive, must say. It has numerous other benefits too.

How To Use Ylang Ylang Oil For Insomnia?

This oil is safe enough to use directly on the skin. Take a few drops and apply on the surface. But to be on the safe side, dab the oil on the skin in the smaller areas before moving to the more significant and essential parts of the body. Massage with it on the feet before going to bed, since it spreads relaxation all over the body.

9. Bergamot Oil For Insomnia

Bergamot oil(3) is highly recommendable oil for stress relieving, insomnia and other such problems. It makes a person stress free.

Why One Should Use Bergamot Oil For Insomnia?

Anxiety is the cause of insomnia, and it is reduced when we use bergamot oil. Hence it is used by many insomniacs. And also, it regulates our heartbeats and keeps the blood pressure under control.

How To Use Bergamot Oil For Insomnia?

Take a few drops and check it on your skin if it suits and doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. People prefer to use the bergamot oil with lavender and ylang-ylang oil for their scent.

Mix them well and apply on your skin. Rub them well and give a soft, gentle massage to your skin to avail full benefits.


People might be sensitive to some essential oils for insomnia. Hence it is always necessary to keep yourself cautious. Check everything before you dive into the process. You never know what reaction your skin might cause to particular essential oils for insomnia.

Beware about the contents of a new product. Check twice if any ingredient causes any response to you. It is always good to ask suggestions from experts before usage regarding how to cure insomnia with essential oils.

Other Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Other than the incredible essential oils for insomnia mentioned above, you can use any of the following home remedies to teach you how to get rid of the problem of insomnia.

  • Exercise: Exercises are the best remedy one could practice for insomnia. Because when you keep your body active for a long time and engage it in more activities by the end of the day, you will be exhausted and would be able to sleep instantly.
  • Sunlight: Getting sunlight is the other way of getting rid of insomnia. You might think what we get from sunlight. We can get melatonin. Like when you wake up in the morning, assure to keep yourself under the sunshine for a few minutes every day. This process makes your biological clock understand the difference between day and night time.
  • Set your diet plan: Check the food you consume every day. Yes! Food plays a vital role in insomnia. Once you get your proper food, you will get the adequate sleep.


Though insomnia is not a disease, it affects a person in many ways than one. It changes the health; one gets mental problems which pave roads for many issues in the future. Hence it is essential to use essential oils for insomnia to get rid of the problem. It’s curable so start your actions from today onwards.


1. Is insomnia not curable?

Of course, it is curable. Insomnia is not a disease. It is a condition that happens due to some activities of a person. Activities as in getting stressed, depressed, overthinking and so on. So, no worries, you will be treated once you get into the actions of mending.

2. Is insomnia genetic?

Insomnia is a genetic condition. It passes from generation to generation. Even scientists say it is hereditary.

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